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    Hello carver friends! Let me introduce myself, I’m Patrice the new Canadian representative for the OES snowboard company (http://www.oes.cat). Onedge Style produces snowboards in Spain and offers a very wide selection of alpine race snowboards, BX and freecarvers. Custom-made snowboards are also available on request. I have some demo at your disposal for trying. I will report on every tested board. I want to mention that I won’t comment on any other brands. If you want to do it then it’s up to you. But please try to keep your comments constructive. I will be at CSQ 2018 at Le Relais ski centre at Lac Beauport, Québec, Canada on January 27/28 and other places to come. for more information check under the QUEBEC tab in few days. you Will find below the list of test board. -185 GS w/c base W medium -185 GS w/c base M hard -185 FC kevlar -180 GS w/c -178 Sputnik wide H+ (spider) -177 FC medium -177 FC kevlar medium -175 Bulat -162 SL w/c -165 BX medium (border cross) Soft = 50 a 75 kg Medium = 75 a 90 kg Hard = 90 et +
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    So, I count about 17 so far: Corey, Mario, BarryJ, Breezomatic, Megatrimix, Me, Bob, Ldbaustria, Segarator, Pow4ever, SEJ & Gretchen, Acoustic Boarder, Colozeus, Jim Adams, Norm & Diana. I'm making up some engraved plaques to hand out to the attendees:
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    Come on brutha'! If you're not kidding, $100? I'd use it for a lunch tray before I'd sell it for that...
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    Nils, have you tried Gecko's, they are light and work great for carving.
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    Friend of mine made It.
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    Snow today was great...hero snow in some spots. Took out the Silber, the WCRM, and a new toy...well, new to me...JJA TBX...I've never had a board that looked at me and said "is that all you've got?" before...It'll be there if anyone wants to bring some softies...
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    I was there on Sunday and it was very good carving conditions. Big Chief, War Dance, and Exhibition were all excellent. Snow was packed firm and the groom was spot on. It was cold and windy. I stayed away from Competition due to SL event most of the day. The Wilderness Quad was finally spinning and the West Lodge was open and serving hot food. The new trails didn't have much coverage so I stayed away. Hemlock wasn't open yet, but they were blowing tons of snow on it. I expect with the snow coming tomorrow, this weekend they should be nearly 100% open. I'm thinking about going back Sunday or Saturday. Undecided which day.
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    No probem. Quand tu veux.
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    An incredibly stylish kook, I might add.
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    I'd rather be a kook than a conformist, and my 5 pair of 20 yr old stepins aint advancing the sport.if they run away they're not in the way so that's a happy I do get more questions using poles than if I just rocked hardshells Randy Price and Eric Sheckleton tried to talk me out of using them but the best reason they gave was I look like a kook
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    ??? What do you actually consider as 90? Boot right across the board, that 99% of people would actually call 0?
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    I love to find other carversdoesn't happen much around here. i'd ride with you but be careful you might get some on ya
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    Maybe cut a few spacers out of the side of a motor oil jug? Castrol for the front foot, Mobil 1 for the back foot.
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    Riding with other guys is the best way to improve your riding. Doesn't matter if they are better or worst snowboarder than you. In Italy we have various groups and we go carving together, sharing time, experience and why not trip costs. We use to stop lonely carvers and invite them to dig with us, we share phone number for next carving day. Going around with skiers often make hardbooter to change their style in worst.

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