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Roy Envy

Endeavor Hammerhead 163 - Softboot carve -$320

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2018 Endeavor Hammerhead 163 - Softboot carving specific  

Bought "used" from piusthedrcarve on bomberonline/alpinesnowboarder and put about 15 days on it last year and the previous spring.  Selling because I managed to drop the 20+ extra pounds I was carrying and am back down to 145ish.  Riding it last year at 170 lbs felt like I was already on the lower end of the weight range.  

I've also gone a little crazy buying gear for me and kiddo and something has to go! 

I'm happy to answer any questions from a crossover softbooter perspective, but Piusthe rcarve's thoughts are going to be way more informed than my own.  The original sales thread links to his reviews. http://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/46212-sold-endeavor-hammerhead-163-softboot-carving-specific/

Base 9.5/10 no scratches per say, but not 100% pristine. 

Top sheet 8.5/10 with just a touch of visible rash and mild scratch here and there.  

Edges are 8.5/10 as they has some sections of superficial rust that ahould disappear with tune. (apparently I was lazy returning from its last trip out)  I've only gently tuned it once last year so plenty of edge left.

Waist Width: 25.2 cm

Length: 163 cm

Effective Edge: 138 cm

Sidecut: 8-9-10 m

Buyer pays shipping from 53716






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    • By bobdea
      They really friggin’ hurt.
      really though other than that.
      i have a new set of drivers, I like them, sort of. They are better than the old malamutes.
      So, for a long time most high end boots came in one of two configurations either a hinge type that works better but they are much softer or like the driver where to flex forward it forces the boot to deform this crushes the foot, that shit hurts and it’s because the driver has no hinge. 
      It looks like it’s still this way with most brands.. 
      I’ve had a couple sets of 32s and Burtons that hinge, this is a better design, why the hell cant they just build one with a stiffer tongue? 
      Anyone have an answer to that? 
      Pictured is a hinged design.. I actually forgot I had these boots. 

    • By scottishsurfer
      Since its really quiet here i may aswell post a little short clip of me playing about in bulgaria
      There is more footage of me riding more seriously with better technique but it was taken by friend who was editing it but his health is really not the best right now so im not going to be pushing to get it from him for the time being. ?
    • By TimB
      Hello there!
      Let me introduce myself shortly: I'm Tim, mid twenties, Dutch, one-week-a-year freerider. As a job I work with bicycles and for a hobby I like working on cars. Classic Volvo's to be precise. 
      When boarding I like speed. A lot of guys like kickers and parks, but I like cruising or high speed long turns. Sounds like carving. I've always liked the look of hardbooters. 
      Now, a couple of days ago I was a second-hand shop and I found a board. I bought it because it appeared to be my size. With it, I got some question marks.
      First: the bindings. 
      They are burtons but the only thing I could find was the brand. I have no clue what type. Do they need 'special' shoes from the same era as the bindings or do modern hardboots fit? Could ski-boots fit? 
      Then the board: Its from 1998, that's how much I know. Is this a known board?
      Underneath the rear binding was a plate which was canted. I haven't seen this earlier. Could someone explain to me why?
      As you might notice I would really like to learn more. I would also like to get out and ride this pretty piece of vintage!
      Kind regards, Tim.

    • By Micknouillen
      Hi everyone!
      I've been lurking on your website for some time now and since I recently gave away my snowboarding kit to a friend, I'm looking at getting into carving and more specifically, softboot carving. Thanks for the advice!
      Background: I'm a 5'10, 150 lbs dude who has been riding in Quebec (smaller mountains with icy conditions) for more than 10 years. My most recent board was a Burton Custom with soft, softboots. I rarely do jumps or ride switch and spend most of my time going fast and pushing my board to try to carve.  
      I recently purchased a "new" 2015-2016 Arbor A Frame after doing some research on your forum as it seems to be a good board to get better at carving and maybe one day commit all the way to hardboot carving.
      Looking for advice for:
      1) Boots: From what I've read, the Burton Driver X or the Ride Insano or the Salomon Malamute are rigid enough softboots that would allow me to carve. Do you guys have any recommendations for the three (3) mentioned or any other softboots? All 3 are in the price range I'm looking for. If possible, I'd also like to use these boots to go ride in powdery conditions (Maybe Japan next year!) and would use the boots with another board.
      2) Bindings: So far I've looked into getting the Ride El Hefe (if I can find them in Montreal...!), Ride Capo or Burton Diode. Any advice on these 3 or any other bindings and brands?
      3) Power plates: How good should I get at carving before adding the Power plates? And what are the good brands / models for Power plates?
      4) Stance / angles: I currently ride with a +20, -3 stance. Should I got +20, +20 to start? 
      I appreciate the tips and advice guys! Hope to see you on the slopes!
      Mick from Montreal

      P.S. I've included a pic of my new board and of my dog Roam!

    • By lonbordin
      So there's a post on reddit with a large amount of the 2018 snowboarding catalogs.
      Jones' catalog page 2 "Instruments of Stoke" is a great start....
      Prior has "new" shape on the BX and FX.  Props to Prior for having a complete alpine section in their catalog.
      Nidecker has a great pg 2 shot as well.

    • By lonbordin
      Transworld Business article (some really good pictures of the boot and interface in the article)-
      Another article feature Terje and a short video of him stepping out of them-
      Burton's unlisted Step-On promo video-
      Playing with them (Alex Andrews)-
      Note- I have no affiliation with Burton.
    • By skategoat
      These are 2015 Union Ultras, one of the lightest, if not the lightest softboot binding available. 760 grams compared to 1150 for Burton Cartels. Lightly used. Some paint wear inside the frame and a bit of wear on the inside ankle strap.
      Stiff, strong, responsive. Carbon fiber high back. $400+ retail.
      Review here: http://thegoodride.com/snowboard-binding-reviews/union-ultra-2015-2017-snowboard-binding-review/
      One caveat - the binding is equipped with 4x2 mini-discs.
      $200 USD. Shipping $20 USA or Canada.

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