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Just took delivery on this new thirst Powder Carver 181 and this board is simply gorgeous. While all six of my thirst boards show exceptional build quality, unique graphics with the 3-D textured nylon topsheet, this PC, in Candy Apple, is truly a work of art. The keyhole tail is fully fabbed, not saw cut, with fully wrapped edge around and inside the tails, properly sidewalled. The "hook"  should throw a rooster tail when in deep, and the tail is carbon fiber reinforced against breakage. The idea for the PC was to be a "Bucket List" board, the one board to bring when you can only bring one board. While every thirst model, (With the exception of the 9 SW) does well in powder, this model has powder in mind, obviously the tail provides the sink to allow the rider to stay in a normal stance/ position in bottomless freshies. Mark took his 40 some years of build experience to create a true groomer carver, incorporating his quasi-isotropic core, proprietary WARP sidecut and functional tip shape. While it may be awhile before I stretch her legs, I will be thinking much about just that.




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I can really see how crooked I am there....Tons of manipulating this Summer to eliminate T4 Syndrome and straighten me up, actually an inch taller lol!

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    • By andrepierre
      Swoard Extremecarver 3rd generation 168cm Medium flex. $300USD + shipping or best offer
      Excellent condition, as I have only used it on rare occasions on perfect groomers early in the morning. It's been sitting in my locker for a few years, so it's time for me to get rid of it.

    • By breeseomatic
      I'm looking to clear out a bunch of snowboards, one of them is a relatively decent powder board.  I don't ride this now that I have a different powder board, but this is a pretty awesome ride when it's deep and soft.  Don't confuse it for a carving board, strictly powder and super playful.  Images will be posted soon, once I go over the edges and put a fresh wax job on it.
      I'm thinking that $150 to your door in continental US is a fair price.  If shipping is less than $50, I'll refund the difference.
    • By Algunderfoot
      Parting with my prized powder surfer / carver, this was Mats' Aspen Board and the prototype for his Maverick Line. Real wood veneer topsheet, blonde and dark mohagany. Seka has some minor edge dings on the top 7 out of 10, bottom has a fresh tune from BSO, 10 outa 10. 192, 10 M sidecut, 30 tip, 24 waist, 30 tip. I have only 2 days on her due to my GEO location, need to make room for a new thirst PC.
      $550 shipping not included

    • By Algunderfoot
      Minty 10/10 Donek Legacy 165, ordered after ATC 2016. Rode one day and literally not a scratch. 19 cm waist / 9 M sidecut, standard build. $550 OBO

    • By Ted
      Near mint, old school powder board by O-Sin. Base, deck and edges are all excellent - only ridden 7 days. $300 plus shipping (or local pickup in Reno or Las Vegas). 

    • By Omigov
      I'm looking for Original Sin 4807, 178 cm in good condition. Swallowtail (Fishtail)
      Tel.: +79122243965

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