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Shred Gruumer

SOLD-----Coiler Wobbly Goblin 172 - Price drop Halloween Special10/2

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Sold.. $600 OBO   Halloween special

 rthut2 at roadrunner dot com

If you have to ask then you can't ride it...  ha.. kidding..

DSC_0924.JPG.279d2dec07d718347008fe4c52671521.JPG$700 OBO,

$700 OBO, Coiler Wobbly Goblin as seen at SES unveiling..

172cm , 11.8m avg radius, 21cm waist.. Stance 46cm to 58cm appx.  Segmented sidecut, Ptex topsheet.  Custom mill work on the tail..  die cut coiler on base.

Great condition.





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howdy shred

I thought I was in line to inherit this?!!! …

they call me the flyin' Hawaiian around here so I am capable to fly this thing...

but then...

I gave up ice fishing a long time ago... and don't need an ice auger anymore...

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When Shred and these other clowns say this is a good board you should pay attention Not because i know the guy that makes them and rides his builds but because this board has stuff in it that money can't buy and getting one built will be a long wait. Lots of the content of Shreds strange ideas become mainstream but not until the timid have time to grow some! Step up people winter is coming. 

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