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John Gilmour

"Season Pass Network Strategies"

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Ahem. These are SoCal problems faced by SoCal carvers...of which there are few of us in SoCAL

So a few changes occurred. Arapahoe is no longer unlimited EPIC (their early season ribbon of death isn't worth it anyhow) its just a week of IKON, which won't fix much of anything because there are still 250,000 or more IKON pass holders that can flood Araphoe, many of which BOUGHT day tickets anyhow. Now Sun Valley has a week or 5 days on IKON... (Major plus I think). Ikon also got Zermatta and the Matterhorn, so you an finally feel like your re in a James Bond ski chase.

A few years ago I bought the EPIC pass and used friends free passes and 1/2 price passes to get in a. few Aspen days. 2017-2018 , and. 2018 2019  I bought IKON and EPIC to get Mammoth and June  , LOCALLY for a early season conditioning warm up at Snow Summit in the San Bernadinos because  I never could  ride back to back FULL days early season .

The year I only bought EPIC 2015-2016  was ok because I thought I could avoid Vail and front range crowds by doing Beaver Creek instead and Centennial was a decent alternative to Ruthies Run in Aspen.

I almost said FORGET IKON BASE because it only gave me 5 days at Aspen which is almost not worth the hassle, except I get. few 1/2 price tickets and early season $35 vouchers so I could make a 2 day trip, a 3 day trip and a 5 day trip.

But it was always a EPIC vs IKON choice between  Some Aspen and. long season of not very good carving in windy conditions with not very good grooming at Mammoth and Snow Summit warm up with IKON. Or lots of decent Colorado carving at Beaver Creek and a few cheap pass days at Aspen.

EPIC only... your are screwed for SoCal riding - even though a R/T Denver ticket is only $79 from SNA and if you bought your airline via Cheaptickets.com you can get $10 rental cars. And you need Full Epic for unlimited Beaver Creek or you get a paltry 10 days of Vail and Beaver combined. so thats $969

IKON only Your 5 days of Aspen run out fast. Full IKON gets you Steamboat but not the half IKON. And Copper (read windy) but ok grooming. I wasn't impressed with Squaw Valley compared to Colorados offerings. 

So.... theres one other option.

Aspen Season Pass gives you Aspen plus Ikon Base (so you get Mammoth , June, Snow Summit) but at a price $2049 (the extra $49 is to show you they hate their customers). So It's like getting the Aspen pass for $1300



Ill continue this thought tomorrow.





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Front range/Arvada Colorado

IKON base purchased so Winterpark and Mary Jane will be our main destination. El Dora sucks unless it’s a weekday so I’d go the WP/MJ instead. Copper offering is great but a little too far to be easy to get to. A-bay 5 days to be used late season. Aspen days to be used right after xgames. Best days of my season last year riding with great friends too!

4packs to Loveland purchased. A must to ride with LCI and cheaper to buy tickets for the whole family when the kids come than to go to our IKON destinations.



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The ikon destinations are so spread out and limit you so much for days at so many resorts. More unlimited options for EPIC. The Aspen pass at least now gives you some other mountains ...which is great if you are living in Aspen and want to ski elesewhere . Chamber pass for Aspen also includes base Ikon so that's great for parents who want to see their kids race and not have to be buying even more tickets. 

If you have a big family of skiers.... it's kinda bad because 6 season passes ..well you could buy a car, or lease a wakesurfing boat.. 

all this "all you can eat". Has people skiing a lot more and has Joe Schmoe getting used to 40 day + seasons which for those of us who go a lot makes it harder to find  the good runs not overloaded. 

I might end up with Aspen again...i.e. Work for race dept. which means... I gotta get thee DJ RIG And  ANNOUCING and ALL THAT GOING ...for a comp pass.

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