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Coiler Update

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1 hour ago, dredman said:

What do you mean by this?  

Good day sir. Hope you don't think I'm bashing Coiler, that would be preposterous absurdity!

It's a general comment based on the fact that I know Slapa and I know how he feels about his Oxess.

I just think that when one has found something they are happy with, switching to something new presents a risk due to the associated uncertainty. But some people find happiness in experimenting and perhaps he is one of them, but maybe he is not. So the choice is uncertainty of a Coiler or certainty of the Oxess- given my risk averse nature, I know what I would pick. I'm all for optimising decisions and minimising the probability of failure- one might even think I'm a statistician or something idk.

My Coiler spot is booked for August. Going to be an all mountain hardboot plow through everything and float on anything beast. I think Bruce does this kind of board the best out of everyone. For my carve and race boards, I'll continue to stick to Oxess. I think Marcel does those best.

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On 5/18/2019 at 11:11 PM, Emdee406 said:

What do you find the pluses are? Im willing to have my mind changed  

I’ve gone for carbonium in the past, to withstand lift line abuse 😤

I have ptex tops on my Kesslers and Winterstick.  I think it adds some dampness.  Traditional topsheets, even "carbonium" aren't doing much of anything for you, they're just plastic protective covers.  May as well get some functional value out of the layer that's covering your fiberglass or metal.

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