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Buck Hill 2018/19

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snow was fantastic. hero! very firm but edges will hold.

went at lunch and in evening. 

good to see erik out riding at lunch.

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at lunch, the snow was softer than yesterday.

buck tore up the border cross course on rail yard (meadows). what's the point? suppose to rain this weekend.

taking tomorrow off (Thursday) to ride Welch.

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Rained Saturday then turned to snow. buck closed at 6pm due inclement weather.

I think we got about 5-6 inches of new snow... I overheard the ticket office say that they had groomed last night and that there was cord.

Crossroads had a lot of icy cord and bumps under the "powder". Long big turns and getting bounced off edge. It wasn't fun.

Olympic was worse. I was humbled on first turn. I swung over to skiers right near that chute for first turn and immediately got bounced off toe-side edge. Landed on my stomach. Not sure what happened... might've hit ruts from the groomer under the snow.

At the bottom of meadows there were ruts, folds in the snow, or something at the bottom that made it difficult to slow down without chattering. I fell just coming into the lift line. Rode chair with a skier who complained about that area too.

Ended up leaving after an hour. 

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started out icy cord. Softened within the hour.  

Crossroads was ok but liked Warners and Meadows for the surf.

Not too bad. 

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bought my buck ski pass for next season. noticed that they have new "Resort Partners".

wonder if any are worth the trip? I bet @bigwavedave knows!

  1. Arizona Snowbowl, AZ
  2. Big Snow Resort- Home of Indianhead and Blackjack Mountains, MI
  3. Black Mountain, NH
  4. Bolton Valley, VT
  5. Camp 10 Ski and Snowboard Area, WI
  6. Dartmouth Skiway, NH
  7. Detriot Mountain, MN
  8. Eaglecrest, AK
  9. Great Bear Ski Valley, SD
  10. Granby Ranch, CO
  11. Granite Gorge, NH
  12. Hesperus, CO
  13. Lost Valley, ME
  14. Magic Mountain, VT
  15. McIntyre, NH
  16. Mont du Lac, WI    (what's the word on this place?)
  17. MT. Crescent Ski Area, NE
  18. Nordic Valley, UT
  19. Pajarito Mountain, NM
  20. Plattekill Mountain, NY
  21. Powderhorn, CO
  22. Purgatory, CO
  23. Seven Oaks, IA   (had no idea ski hills existed in Iowa)
  24. Sipapu, NM
  25. Ski Cooper, CO
  26. Snowstar Winter Sports Park, IL
  27. Sunlight, CO
  28. Whaleback Mountain, NH
  29. Yawgoo Valley, RI

What?!? No Paoli Peaks?

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Mont du Lac has a wide open run that looks similar to MilkRun/Crossroads at Buck, maybe a bit steeper. Might be a good bigboard carving hill when it's not busy. I've never been. @bumpyride has ridden there.

Great! Now you have an excuse to go to Indianhead/Blackjack. 

I'm surprized Yagoo Valley is still going. I had a comp pass at nearby Pine Top when I was a kid as my Dad supplied the giant air compressors needed for the then new snowmaking. It's history now. I think @lonbordin went there and hiked it.

@rwmaron and @Algunderfoot have been to Ski Cooper. Bring oxygen.

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Yup... Used to live near Yawgoo... So tiny.

Snowbowl/Flagstaff is great and they're still open until May 19!! Go now!

That's @nitro's home hill. Hope he's healing well!

No Paoli because we're a part of Peak Resorts.

Edited by lonbordin

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I wish I could get on the hill!! snowbowl is still running lifts to the top & upper bowl is open for hiking as well .  Im still at home doing handstands on my crutches goin cray-z!!! 


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