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Burton Primes

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I owned the primes and the two on the wall new. wow brought back some memories. good luck with sale.


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    • By andrepierre
      Swoard Extremecarver 3rd generation 168cm Medium flex. $400CAD + shipping or best offer (was about $300USD when I wrote this post)
      Excellent condition, as I have only used it on rare occasions on perfect groomers early in the morning. It's been sitting in my locker for a few years, so it's time for me to get rid of it.

    • By Mig
      A little run on one of my Fullbag longboards, specificaly tuned for carving. We filmed this at sunset, late last fall, after an afternoon of slalom skateboard practice. First experiment filming with an iPhone on a gimbal. It was cold, sub zero celcius, thus the winter jacket and snowboard helmet. I will try to add more little clips of pavement carving on skateboards in this thread, once in a while.
    • By kamran
      Letting go of some of the stuff.
      Virus Tantalus Team 175, I believe it's a 2003. used with some marks on the top, very clean and smooth base with tons of camber and life left, (EDIT: taking it off the market)
      Virus Avalanche 168, binding marks on the top and other than that very clean. Literally 1 day of carving on her.  (SOLD)
      Prior All mountain board, I think it's a 160, used with marks on the top but a clean base, (SOLD)
      Raichle boots SB 413, shell says 25 -27.5, used with marks and wear on the bottom, $100 ex shipping
      Catek Bindings OS2, long, used  (SOLD)
      Burton Bindings, 4 hole disks (may have 3 hold disks somewhere too) (SOLD)
      I can email bigger better pictures if desired.

    • By Bobb-E
      Anyone want a great wool sweater for snowboarding? It's basically new and in perfect condition--Worn a few times, but inside.  Doubles as ugly Christmas sweater or a slush day jacket.  It's wool @ 100%. Burton boiled wool sweaters are used for layering for AK trips. It's super warm. Can be worn as a layer or, at times, instead of a jacket. The colors are great. 
      Size M. I'm 5'7. I had to roll the sleeves. The waist is a little too long. It's a little too big just for daily wear. The length is more suited to someone who's about 5'10. Asking $60 plus shipping. Thanks.

    • By Even
      Original 1990 Burton Kelly Mystery Air from 1990 for sale. 
      Board has been used between 1990-2000 but stored indoors from 2000-today. Board shows some wear, but no big scratches, looking good considering its age. The aluminum (?) tip protection is showing some wear and needs a little TLC to reach peak condition. 
      Unkown/unoriginal binders. Can be removed before shipping if wanted. 
      More photos on request. 
      Board is on eBay, but will donate the same % to this site that eBay requests, if buyer wants to make the sale here. 
      Find the item on eBay.
      Price is negotiable. Shipping from Norway to US is roughly 60$, other countries on request. 

    • By Seong
      New 18/19 burton Stepon Photon 11.5 bundle on sale. 
      I bought from Burton.com but I chose 10.5 to minimize bootout.
      11.5 US SIZE Photon boots with BOX
      L SIZE stepon binding with BOX
      $850 with shipping (international)

    • By pcABQ
      i have moved from denver to albuquerque, and i want to get out some info on carving from ABQ.  6 months ago i would have had trouble locating ABQ ona map; now i iive here -- quite happily.
      first item: ski sante fe.
      has a nice, local feel.  no fast chairs.  excellent grooming and solid carving.
      updates to follow.
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