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Donek Rev 175, Price Drop

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For sale is a Donek Rev 175. I had this board made for 150lbs, with a slightly modified waist (19.5cm) and sidecut (11-17m). The edges are set at 1/2 degree for the base and 2 degrees for the side. The nose and tail were personally detuned by Sean.

The board was used for 1 year and has about 60-70 days on it, and still rides great. It has been base ground once before, but could probably use another. The topsheet has a few marks near the tail, and one on the nose but they are all cosmetic. The edges still have about 75% of their life left.

This board would be perfect for a younger or lighter competitor looking for a gs board. 

I'm looking for $500 $450 $400 plus shipping. For more pictures, or questions or inquires, please email me at drew.ellison1 @ gmail.com



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14 hours ago, Bckid3 said:

What rider weight is this board for?

In the OP's listing "I had this board made for 150lbs, with a slightly modified waist (19.5cm) and sidecut (11-17m)"

I really like the Donek Rev.

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    • By Tfr57
      I have been looking to get an alpine board for racing but have no clue what their about. I came up with a setup, donek pilot, deluxe track 325, f2 carve rs. And was wondering if it would work out for me. Keep in mind I’m a sophomore in high school. Thanks
    • By tcrosby
      I have a donek saber 155 in excellent condition. The only reason I need to sell is for a bigger board for USASA nationals. 450 obo. 
    • By skidad62
      SOLD - Donek 161 MK.  Like new - less than 6 hours on the board.  
      161 x 18 CM x secret radius... but tight!
      The hype is real - wicked quick edge to edge ride.   Only ridden two mornings and got it dialed in - but in the end I have another board that has come up and I have to sell some of my quiver to make room.
      Retails for $1,025 USD plus taxes and shipping  https://www.donek.com/product/mk/ 
      Priced mine for sale at $725 USD plus shipping for a quick sale and a deal for someone. 
      I'm in Canada, but I ride out of Sugarloaf so I can also ship from Maine 04619 depending on timing.
      MK description from the Donek site... "The MK stands as the ultimate alpine carving board in existence. It’s carving performance is unparalleled. No board made today or in the past will out perform this board’s aggressive carving abilities. Lightning fast edge transfers, agility, massive edge hold on bulletproof snow, liveliness out of turns and incredible high speed tracking. We have created and tested many prototypes to get the MK’s perfect balance of pop and dampness. Are you ready to bring your riding skills to the next level? Say hello to your next best friend."

    • By Oenomaus
      2017 Donek Knapton Twin custom pro model 

      Length 160cm
      Waist width 31.2cm
      Sidecut radius 9.8m radial
      reference stance 24.5inches
      Inserts offset 0.5cm toward toe side
      Very stiff
      Powder inserts(extra inserts which allow setback stance for heavy pow days)
      Carbonium topsheet
      Width eliminates or greatly reduces chances of boot out(depending on shoe size) when carving deeply in duckstance
      Offset inserts helps to compensate for heelcup drag.
      I am about 190lbs and after learning the stiffness it felt natural. I believe stiffness is similar to the Donek Incline.
      Basically a board built for freestyle extreme carving. If you’ve seen Ryan Knapton on YouTube, you know what this is. 
      Ridden about 25 days.
      Purchased last season for nearly $800.
      I’m wanting the exact same snowboard but with a larger sidecut radius. When carving, this board will take your riding to the next level.

    • By Brenden
      I'm sadly departing with my Donek Kapton Twin.  I purchased it at the end of last season (17-18).  Its in great condition as I only took it out about 7 days.  The only reason I want to part with it is that I've recently decided that I can't lie to myself about riding switch anymore.  I'm making the move to a directional board that I can focus on carving groomers and not chase the dream of putting on a show.  Check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSf2blWn3fKJmjtZQOMfsGw for what this board was designed for.
      The board is a fantastic carver and great for someone that wants to ride freestyle and also lay down deep carves.  Check out the specs below and I'm happy to send more pics and info.  I live in Boulder, CO and will drive to meet up or discuss shipping for out of state options.  $475 + shipping 
      Donek Knapton Twin
      Length 160cm
      8.7m sidcut
      28cm waist 
      23 5/8in reference stance 
      Call or text Brenden @ 859 seven 9 seven nine 144 
      or email @ brendenallen@ymail.com

    • By cbrkid1981
      Does anyone want a rev 157?  I can get some pics tonight when I get home.  
      350.00 plus ship
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