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  1. Playing with my old Dump Truck and new Atomic Backland Carbon boots in Iceland last week. Thoughts: You can see in some of this that I was having trouble "disciplining" the front of the board - it was chattering at high loads. I eventually worked out that was probably because the stance on the dump truck is set-back for powder, and this wasn't powder. I could have ridden it on my SL board. I shifted the stance forward about a cm and had no more hassle with that - but I was done with video by that time, and the snow conditions were somewhat different (wetter), so I'm not really sure I have that nailed. I could not previously get enough forward lean out of my back boot. I tried a "shim", following very useful "try a piece of old pizza" advice from here. That didn't work as it moved around... it would need fastening to the boot at least. It felt a lot like a shim, too, I wasn't hugely keen on it. I tried "walk mode" on the back foot, and that worked fine - it turns out that I don't rely on the back of the back boot for support (I'm pretty sure I do rely on the front one, although maybe I'm just beautifully balanced...). Future plans: See if I can cobble more forward lean from the boot, by changing the anchor point for the walk lever, or replacing it. Think about switching from 3-degrees of heel lift on back to 6. Forget about it and ride with the back foot in walk mode. Stiffness-wise I've no issues with these, they're nice and stiff, the way I like it. They're small, and I may get cold feet in winter, we shall see...
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