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  1. So, if weight doesn’t bother you....... bomber BP bomber power plates, ride el hefes. Seems like a knee injury waiting to happen and the stack height is........ spectacular but it will isolate you pretty well.
  2. Yeah, IDK, my 162 was made for a dude that is 100lbs less than me. That thing could be a touch stiffer but I don’t think I’d benefit from it all that much. I’ve ridden boards that were unridable for me they were so soft that I could not control the turn but this is not the case with the kesslers made for the normal guy weight range, they work realllllllllly well for me.
  3. Anyone that rides sugarloaf have 5mil plate? Wanna try one, I’m fat, the stiff 4mil is almost too soft for me.......
  4. Yeah, in a narrow set of conditions hangls work really effing well. The rest of the time they are the pits. Icy day with a moderate amount of chop and they work every bit as well as most other systems at low but not slow speeds. the rest of the time they’re too heavy, don’t filter as much out as most other systems, too heavy, have too many parts to lose, are too heavy, put a lot of pressure on the points they mount to the board, are too heavy, are a nightmare to swap between board and, did I mention they’re too heavy? The hangls in my experience work way way better on a slalom type board than any other type of board. I still have a hangl only Kessler I contemplated T-nutting it but could bear the idea of hurting the old girl. That board, is the finest piece of engineering I’ve ever been lucky enough to attach to my boots.
  5. The thanks was for buying it, would of been a divorce if I pulled the trigger, was close. You just saved a marriage, you’re proof not all heroes wear capes.
  6. I ****ing love mine with roughly the same specs as yours. ****ing love it.
  7. It’s still listed on eBay, almost pulled the trigger!
  8. Ehh, it’s an upgrade from most splitboard bindings. And that’s what it seems to be. A splitboard binding. Seen some spectacular failures of the mainstream stuff so overall maybe there’s an improvement here.....
  9. I’m the opposite, wraps take up a lot of volume. do these come in different thicknesses? If so what volume are they?
  10. I’m pretty fat, pretty poor, have a variety of UPM plates and will feed you if you’re on the east coast at any point. need some flies tied? I can do that for you, I’m good at that. If you want to fish in western Maine I can show you around. I’ll maybe need to ship it, maybe even have someone pick it up for me.
  11. Nope, not at all, where the flows hinge the higher the angle I’m guessing the higher the uneven load on the frame instead of mostly even on the cable. The cable is what is supposed to be carrying the load, evenly, pretty much in the middle of the highback.
  12. Aaaaaand that’s the third forward lean adjustment doohickey I’ve seen on it.
  13. Pretty lost, any good, free tutorials around?
  14. Yup, it’s all about sidecut vs board angle vs flex vs speed. Slowest deep carves are probably gonna happen on my Kessler SL or my coiler BXFR.. the tanker will turn small too though.
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