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  1. Yes, the waist is 22cm. I don't believe the core is any stiffer or different construction than the regular width version, but not 100% sure.
  2. New 18/19 mens VistFlex plate. Requires Allflex inserts. Buyer responsible for UPS shipping costs. $400
  3. **Now $600 17/18 model 163 XT. New, $650. Shipping to US addresses only, will charge whatever the UPS rate is plus 3% PayPal fee. Thanks for looking.
  4. SOLD. Thanks. Brand new with factory stickers on base but not shrink wrapped. Small mark on edge of topsheet toward tail. $700. Shipping to continental US only via UPS, $40.
  5. I have a pair of Fitwell Freeride boots for sale on eBay. I found them to be great for softboot carving due to the stiff sole. https://www.ebay.com/itm/FITWELL-Freeride-Snowboard-Splitboard-Boots-MP27-0-Jones-Karakoram-Spark-Deeluxe/173558594024?hash=item2868e5f9e8:g:gVkAAOSwOwpbrGWv Sizing is a little bit unusual. For comparison I also ride Deeluxe Track 425 boots in a MP26 shell. These Fitwell boots with a very thin liner fit about the same. With the included stock liner they feel like they are at least a half size even smaller.
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