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  1. sorry boring story, buddy of mine broke one boot. now I'm giving away the other.
  2. Sold thanks Norman
  3. starcarver Yes unfortunately its just one boot Norman
  4. 19.5 width, 12.5 sidecut Shawn made this board for me in 2005, it hasn't been ridden much. It's in good shape no damage, good edges, storage wax on the bottom. $50 you pay shipping.
  5. You pay for shipping The gold/black pair are 24.5 Burton Boiler, cracked on one tongue. They'd probably work for someone just starting out. Or parts The red/white/blue are 25.5 Burton Wind ( I think they were women Wind) The remaining boot bottom is cracked but all the rest would be good for parts. The red/gray single is 30.0 Burton Wind, it's in decent shape, complete and unbroken
  6. Diana and I will be there Feb.3 -9 Norman
  7. Glad you got moved in Ok. It will be interesting to here if SV is worth the price, that is one EXPENSIVE ticket. Norman
  8. Diana and I will be there. Hey Randy your not bring anyone ? Norman
  9. Hey Art, you have a good summer. Maybe we'll see you next year. Thanks again for showing us around PC Norman
  10. That looked like a close one Art, at least he apologized for what its worth. Sorry to here about the weather, starting to sound like Tahoe. Norman
  11. Hey Art, Thanks again for all your help and being are guide. What a great trip,the snow, conditions, crowds were all excellent. PCMR is a good mountain and we had alot of good company. Norman
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