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  1. Peut-etre la 1ere fois de l'année ce soir !?
  2. Those bindings were on a board I bought, I use them twice to remember how it was to ride standard bindings. 50$ + shipping. SOLD
  3. J'espère que vous pourrez trouver une autre passion !
  4. Last time I went to aspen, ses/ATC was still alive. We're 4 carvers going to ride aspen mountains from February 8 to 15, 2020. Anyone else going at those dates? Always fun to ride/ meet with other carvers.
  5. Unfortunately aspen mountains are not part of the deal
  6. Thanks David for asking, I hope to a lot of carvers on the second week of February. Who's coming?
  7. Faut poursuivre la tradition! Mais je suis a MTL juste la fin de semaine du 7-8 septembre.
  8. J'ai vu le manteau et gants de Nicolas et le produit qu'il utilise protège bien et reste souple même a -20 .
  9. Hi Ron Sent you a pm for a dgss upz
  10. I did not know about hot gear bag. I understand the concept but I'm sceptical on the usability, in cold weather the warmth must disappear rapidly (less than 2 hours) ?
  11. La meilleure protection pour les gants est de ne pas toucher la neige ! En plus cela protège tes épaules. Shoe goo faut pas en mettre beaucoup car cela durcit pas mal. Plasti dip faut en remettre de temps a autres ( j'ai utilisé en spray)
  12. Agree with Corey. Some carvers seems very relax when carving, no efforts, very fluid.
  13. Daveo, i'veux been told on this forum that zipfit are not warm liners. Corey and Lowrider, I assume you mean the hotronic eating element with a battery pack on my custom footbed?
  14. C'mon David ! I saw you relax on the extra wide slopes at Aspen. When riding on extra wide slopes in Colorado I can feel relax, but on the narrow icy run I'm more focus for sure.
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