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    Carve: Snowpro Race, ~55/50, toe/heel lift;
    Freeride, pow, teach: F2 Carve RS/Proflex, ~45/30, toe/heel lift;
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  1. Is the Stealth the wide, freeride/alpine board? I had one, it rode great untill I hit a big chunk of ice, where it delamed... Snowpros are great bindings, try them! Although I'm not too sure how low the angles can be set, because of the kidney bean holes in the plate.
  2. Once you've tuned the forward flex of your h/boots for low angle riding, which might be as simple as riding them in the walk mode or fiddling with the springs and tongues, the sideways flex needs to come from the bindings. I like the low stack, soft bindings, like Carve RS, Burton Carrier, even Race plates. The Carriers have about 3* built in inward canting which you seem to like. But you are a big guy, aren't you? Depends how much trust you have in plastic bindings... Maybe F2 Race?
  3. Awesome! Go for the Carve RS or ProFlex, for your style of riding, instead of the Titan Flex. They are cheaper, lower and softer bindings. You'd also love the Burton/Ibex bindings.
  4. No plate. Ride a different board (all-mountain) in pm chop and play the terrain features.
  5. Bennett front, Saismic stable rear. Wedge/dewedge to taste. Wroom, wroooom!
  6. Ride the setup that you already know well, but learn new things on it... Switch carving, jumps, etc...
  7. Sorry, I gave wrong email, or phone auto corrected it to .com. edit, it did it agsin to .ca, damn! It should be: .biz
  8. Hey, very interested in Phioka and Crown. Please send few more pics to: Boris at blueb dot com Shipping would be to my WA pick up address in Lynden.
  9. Sounds good for the spring! I think we should start planning a mass attack for a first sunny weekend (or a work day, if you could pull it of) in May. It turned out one of my tennis buddies has appartments in the Village and Creekside. If there is interest in an overnight stay, I could ask him?
  10. BlueB

    Prior 4x4 169 sold

    No I don't. I had 2 174s at 2 different stages, Scooby bought the blue, Ruwi the black one.
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