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  1. Spent the weekend up in the 603. Headed up to Burke Saturday to check out their lift access Dh trails, pretty mint. Less crowded than Highland and a little more tamed, I really liked it. I also felt like I was in Quebec. Mostly French speaking Canadians. Sunday, crawled up Brookway, came upon Loons new downhill trails. Looks like one is done, and they are just starting the 2nd trail. Both are right off the Kissing cousins triple chair on the Gogo side. The section I crawled up was plush, and seemed fast and flowy. I don't think they put in actual jumps yet, it more seemed like they concentrated on the civil engineering portion, all in all they did a really nicer job, it seems like it should be able to stay open even when its raining. Either way I cant wait, it beats crawling up Brookway, to the drop off of the Kissing cousins triple, then sending it down a jeep road with softball sized Talas gardens everywhere.
  2. I blame this thread for the B's lackluster performance last night in game 7. We are all to blame for this, the B's needed everyone pulling for them, and the Loon/WV thread was irrelevant during this playoff run. In the end it caused the bruins their unfair fate. We all should be ashamed of ourselves. I know Hollywood has his summer boytoy, up in the hills of Brokeback NH. A couple guys are catching 3 footers on the coast, and Im contemplating which surgey I should do 1st. Hip or rotator cuff ?!?!?!?
  3. What's the freight going to be from I-carve though ? As far as service goes and competitive pricing, Bola at All Board Sports is your best bet. If there is a problem, shipping it back and forth to CO from CA is going to be allot cheaper in the long run, than a potential warranty issue using a dealer from out of the US. I've used Henry with APEX in the past and like most dealers/manufacturers in the industry he was awesome. I had to send something back to Kessler once, and it was blessing that I bought that Kessler from Bola.
  4. Selling a like new pair of mountain slope b shell's with the World Cup flex. $1200 + shipping. These b shells are mondo size 25.5/26.0/26.5. Included are some unused Deeluxe thermoflex liners. All stock, no mods have been made other than I put some booster straps on. Bought them in march, used a total of 5 , 1/2 days. Let me know. Thanks JC
  5. Some beauties on that list, But you missed the Gladiators of that era. Probie, grim reaper, chaser, twister, sandy McCarthy, laroque, kordik, knuckles, miller time, the sand man. I agree it's a totally different game. I can't watch hockey anymore, at least regular season. The playoffs are still good. But for the most part it's awful. The Always hungry league is still fun to watch, those guys still kill themselves every night to get to the show.
  6. Got a text from Main Grip, he said he would start editing the footage from our Upper Walking boss shralp session this week, pics and short vid clips to follow. I'm out this weekend, father daughter dance in NY, probably the last Also my apologies for last weekends no show, turns out I did have the flu the day Main Grip was there. It was a long 4 days after/during our Main Grip session, finally felt better by Sunday night. I will be up starting the 10th through the 22nd, so who ever is around and what's to rip let me know. UMASS HOCKEY...……….NOTABIGDEAL !!! HOCKEY EAST still the beast. 2 our 4 in the final 4 again, this is getting boring...……. Just checked the UMH archives I'm still on the career penalty minute all time leader list. Not where I wanted to be 20 years after the fact, but In fairness to me I did really only get 3 full years of playing time with some injuries at both ends of my #fullride, I would have been a top 15 all time goon if I got my full 120 games in, just saying.
  7. Price drop - $300 for both sets, or $150 each set. Well worth the money.
  8. We have a small posse that will be in attendance tomorrow as well. Some of the regular "weekend warriors" , a couple old school "weekend visitors", and a drone. Either way we will be a disgrace to the sport.
  9. These are still available. I can email pics to your direct email. I had just recently deleted the photo's I took when I first posted this to free up space on my account. $350 for both sets, or $200 per pair. Also added some Catek aluminum toe clips to both sets, I wasn't crazy about the plastic Phioka toe clips. So you will get OEM plastic clips, the aluminum Catek ones, and an and extra bail, and all stainless steel hardware. I love these bindings, Bomber durability, but with better feel. These are allot less bulky, and mount closer to the board than the Bombers can. THE ONLY reason I am selling these, is my new boots are allot smaller than my old pair and they wont fit my new boots. These are L/XL's and will fit 27's and up. Let me know. Thanks JC
  10. holy $hit that video is awful. I thought I used my smart phone, guess not. Lookin good boys, icy was an understatement for Saturday. I was drooling watching you come down. Still had a great day softy shralping with my Joey's from down south.
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