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    Hipsterville NW Denva via the lower east section of new jersey
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    The Luv
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    self styled evil genius at ACME CONSTRUCTION
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    02 200cm TANKA, 195 Virus Spartan Super Carver, 188 coila aloha monsta,188 coila skinny aloha monsta, 02/03 187 TANKA oversize, 185 Donek "Flamingo FreeCarve", 180 donek secret, 174 Jasey Jay, 1992 palmer disco Pimp
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    Trac 425 pro, 27
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    TD3si, as goofy as they come, 6 in front, 3 in back, gas pedal, Massive big acceleration baby! 5 pairs all set to edge of board.
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  1. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Moses parting the Red Sea Not that I'm Moses, or Charlton Heston for that matter, but it certainly seemed like it as I had 9 clean runs today. 9. That is insane this early in the season, with the still very limited terrain we are dealing with.Every run was wide open both behind, and ahead. The only person I saw on my six at any point today was Ice. It was rather refreshing. Actually, it was 8, but there where very few people on spillway as I got bucked around on the funky, solid groom, and the same deal as I side slipped the unrideable lower Richards.( Even Mr Positively Awesome went down. That's something you don't see every day ). Finally feeling the luv at the luv on day 4. Shit is just happeninig right, and feeling good. It certainly helps that I am riding the " Easy Rider", the skinny monster, which is decidedly not one of the many meaner boards in the quiver. I'll wait for some more terrain to open before I start bringing any of those nasty's out. On hand for todays festivities were the aforementioned MR. Positively Awesome( Ice, aka Ice man, aka Eisman, aka Kevin) XRH, Slopestar, and your faithful scribe, moi. One sunday left before the annual racer exodus, lets hope for some real snow between and next weekend. We could definitely use it. Mario
  2. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    gotcha covered Mario
  3. My Supersuckers pandora station u p and back today , where I was treated to the dulcet and soothing tones of The Supersuckers, Eddie Spaghetti, The Reverend Horton Heat, Mike Ness, Bow Thayer, James McMurtry, Danzig, the pistols, Johnny Cash... Mario
  4. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    So for the second week in a row, Ice and I have been the only 2 flyin the flag whilst the rest of you laggards are off laggerding, or whatever laggards do... Good snow, though as always at this time of year, more would be so much mores. joining the lack of new snow and terrain, the early season invasion of ski academies and race teams has not been as annoying as usual. which is a bonus. we keep adding a run every week, we hit 10 today before my legs said enough, luckily we where able to secure a table in the not quite so busy Rat, toasting both to our safety, and awesomeness. For once, my first post exercise induced Tourette's utterance didn't take place until I was at the bottom pf the second set of stairs to the parking lot, so I got that going for me. Hopefully we shall start seeing more of you in the coming weeks, though it appears that our Asian delegation has forsaken us for the basin this season. Mario
  5. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    "ya gotta have a start to start" At least that's what I think I said, and it seemed rather profound in a Yogi Berraesqe way at the time. But I both amuse and amaze myself daily with some of the stuff that pops out of my mouth. 1920 is underway, and day one is in the books. I think I might have outsmarted myself by leaving the black and green boots at home today, I think I'll do some adjustments on the white ones for next time, see how they feel, and bring the others for backup. Not at all unhappy with how I rode today, despite feeling like a total spaz on the first few runs..3/4 felt really good, it was unfortunate that it got so crazy by 9:30 , making run 5 a skid fest after a few nice turns at the top. We'll see what happens snow wise this week, and hope for a bunch more terrain next week. Always the early season lament, but I did make some turns. Missed you out there today dude. Mario
  6. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    It's on. See some of you on Sunday! Mario
  7. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Then there is the matter of the 5 bicycles...
  8. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Well played sir. You amuse me. A little demented cow punk for your listening pleasure: Actually, i'm not sure what it really is, but I like it. A lot. They'll rock your pants off. Eddie said so at the Black Sheep a few years ago.
  9. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    http://www.larrysbootfitting.com/ He's about to get real busy Mario
  10. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    I agree with that point John, but, before one can come in another must go out to keep peace in the valley. have 8-9 at the moment. Mario
  11. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Good on ya Pete for doing this. I'd hop on that proteus, by I'm over boarded as it is Mario
  12. big mario

    Found treasure

    Awesome repurposing! Mario
  13. We all know you are the dancing queen... I love how your tambourine always coordinates with your board and the rest of your ensemble
  14. If it's anything like my 174, it is a fast, absolute beast that demands a lot of attention, get distracted by something shiny and your buttocks will be handed to you. Very fun ride, but it will severely punish you for a moments inattention:
  15. Thanks again Paul, Hopefully we will have another winter like last years and I will have ample opportunity to break out this awesome stick! Mario
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