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  1. I've ridden other boots without a front buckle with no issue- might be a concern here. Possibly re positioning or replacing with the older ladder strap type might buy enough room. Seems a bit of a flaw in the boot design.
  2. How does the boot work for you without that front buckle?
  3. I still prefer low bulk and non gauntlet gloves. I'm not much of a hand dragger. I really love me Kinco insulated work gloves for general use. Those ski gloves take forever to break in.
  4. We can disagree on the reading. I think the title and intro are less reasonable and more sensational.
  5. The title, for one- clearly helmets don't offer full protection on the slopes. I also have concerns with any article that, even generally, suggests helmet usage leads to more injury when the study seems to show correlation over causation. Most helmet boxes and hang tags explicitly say that helmets don't prevent all injury or even all head injury. To my eye, the article is putting a semi sensational spin on non-news reporting on a study that further confirms what most people already know. The study also shows an increased level of secondary injury, but also confirms secondary factors like increased user ability bringing them into higher risk situations. This doesn't relate to helmet effectiveness, just that many athletes who are pushing their own boundaries are wearing helmets. I'm a fan of critical research into helmet design and effectiveness. I think the study may have been there, but the article is fairly clickbaity to me.
  6. I have one here- seems nice. I don't know what board you want to mount it on, but you need a 4x2 mounting pattern for it (unless things have changed). Most of my boards are 4x4, or UPM, so no dice on those.
  7. That's a terrible article. I'm not criticizing the research, but the article is just silly. Re:full face- totally anecdotal, but I stopped wearing a chin guard when I had a pretty good digger that wrenched my neck with it. I'd rather a broken nose, personally.
  8. Jack, what liners came in yours? I just picked up a set with the Roxa tounge liner. It's really a terrible match for the boot- plastic in all the wrong places. That said, the shell seems like a great fit for me, and seems dreamy with a wrap Intuition in them. Comparing these side by side with some of the new UPZ's, I wasn't especially blown away immediately by either from a "quality" stand point. I think it's really going to come down to fit and features for most buyers. I ended up with the MS because it seemed like a better fit for my foot out of the box (sans liner), but the UPZ's are still a great product. Looking forward to getting some time on them in different conditions- I'm a full time hardbooter in all conditions, and I'm anticipating these being my primary boot.
  9. Nice. I ended up going with a different liner on the boot guys recommendation, but I've got my eyes peeled on them if I need. Taller I like.
  10. Mr.E

    Yo Lci!!

    Shout out to Rich at ABS, Larry and Elaine (sp?) at Larry's. My feet should be stoked.
  11. Mr.E

    Yo Lci!!

    Super. Hoping to sort some boots and get myself out there. Mounting some bindings tonight.
  12. Mr.E

    Yo Lci!!

    How is the coverage? Good enough for A boards?
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