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  1. Great info, most appreciated. I'm going to try to hit a couple midweek days on the regular, but I'll definitely be looking to connect with some folks on these Sunday meet ups.
  2. Most appreciated- yeah, I assumed shops and boot folks would be in the mountains. Is All Board Sports in Boulder still around? I'm coming to CO from PA (local hill 500ft vert), but I'm coming back west after living in UT and OR. Big mountains are part if the draw, for sure. Sounds like Loveland is a safe bet as a "home base" to get a feel.
  3. Mr.E

    UPZ 27

    My understanding is that 26/26.5 are one shell, 27/27.5 the next.
  4. Hi, folks! I'm relocating to Ft Collins and am curious about area recommendations. Carving first priority, decent powder second. Looking at driving distances don't really tell me the full story about travel times, etc. Current top contenders are Loveland, Elderado or possibly ABasin. I'd much rather.spend time on the hill than the highway, and hopefully going up a couple/ few times a week. Recommendations for shops, bootfitting, etc also greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Mr.E

    UPZ 27

    Most appreciated, but I'm looking to step up from my 26.5 UPZ shells to see if it helps with some fit issues. Thanks!
  6. Mr.E

    BOOTS 2.0

    They look interesting, but I'm not sure what a softer upper boat does? I've never spoken to anyone about hardboots where the cuff was the concern. For most it's trying to get the lower dialed? I'd love to hear actual fit/ ride impressions.
  7. Mr.E

    UPZ 27

    Interested in seeing what's out there in 27 UPZ's. Newer RC, possibly AT. Thanks!
  8. Yup. I meant either from a retailer (Donek, YYZ, any of the Asian or Euro vendors) or used. It's pretty easy to write them off if you've been burned recently, but the hardgoods are still solid. I'm currently on F2, PHK and Hoof, so there are certainly some other great options, for sure.
  9. If you end up with a set of TD3 it's likely you'll never need to replace them. Look how many TD1's are still out there doing strong.
  10. No new boards for me, but I made a shear type plate to get this little JJA back on the hill. <iframe src = "https://www.instagram.com/p/BawgCe0Fer9/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="0"></iframe>
  11. It was also a nice archive for older stuff (even more so before the last cull a couple of years ago). So much of the NA market is used/ secondary- it was a handy reference.
  12. Those are great boots, if they fit. The 27.5-29 is the cuff size. Check the tongue or lower to confirm, but if the liner is marked 9.5 then they are probably 27/27.5cm shells. They are not the lightest boots, but the differences between those, UPZ and Deeluxe of similar size are minimal. Bindings and board are all good. 176 may be a bit long for a first alpine board, but you'll likley be fine.
  13. 4x4 is Donek's default, I believe.
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