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    Carving student for life

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    Calgary, Alberta
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    Nakiska, Panorama, and love Sun Peaks!!
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    Bike geek
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    Way too many, but never enough. Not unlike beer. Please help me.
    Oxess's, Jasey Jay's, Coiler's, Alpine Punk Metal Burner, Kessler The Ride's, Madd's, Sims Burner's, Coda Side Carve, Tinkler, etc..... Love em all.
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    Head Stratus Pro (punched), step in heels, BTS (blue), Booster strap with the stock "booster strap" (yes two booster straps!), Shintronics, some kinda heat molded foot bed and Conformable liners. Final answer.
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    TD 3's, step in, SW!!!! Yeah baby!! 60 deg rear 64ish deg front, 6 deg cants both ends. Red elastomers. New winner in the sub plate system is the Apex Gecko plates. Got em on a few boards .... I like!!!!!!!
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  1. Sorry bro didn’t get to this. It’s all you. shoot me a text 403.472.9651 i’ll have a quote tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. again sorry for the slow reply PS, you won’t be disappointed
  2. It’s pretty much mint Bill. You won’t be disappointed. Sorry for the slow reply.
  3. Tinkler 186 GOOFY FOOT (capitals to make sure it's noticed) Full Flex Control System w/19cm waist and split tail. This glass board is fully addjustable for flex. Bought it off Triker Dad, tried it, its delightful. Experiment over. Board is mint. I paid $550 + $60 shipping plus $75 brokerage to get it across the border. Selling with TD SW SI 6 deg cants in excellent shape. Board alone retailed for $1600 USD, bindings (if you can get them) are $500 USD $975 USD plus shipping. Email me kurt at bowcycle dot com
  4. Just got the Tinkler. It’s beautiful TD. Pleasure doing business. Many Thx.
  5. Super interested and serious about the Goofy Tinkler can you send me an email and “dibs” based on a few questions? paypal ready to go and I have a US Adress to ship to in MT Pls email me at kurt at bowcycle dot com Thx
  6. Side cut radius? SICK SICK SICK board. Comparisons in quality to Coiler and Donek?
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