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  1. I lost one... twisted some thin stainless wire around the shaft... have 20+ days on it, hasn't moved....
  2. Hey, I'm online today and rode today! 2'fer!
  3. Sorry I missed this post! I just got back from Seven Springs in PA. Great coverage and conditions. This week looks good temp and snow wise, they have decent deals on lodging/tickets. Plus, its a great carving mountain. Snowshoe is okay... not my favorite carving mountain. Trails are tight... plus gets pretty crowded....
  4. You haven't carved until you've ridden …. WHITE LIGHTNING.... at Beech in NC....
  5. I'll be there on and off through late December - anyone else... Buhler?
  6. Nothing special, a Ride Blush 120 from a season or two ago. Gets the job done for now!
  7. day one in NC was this past Sunday.... Goals... ride more often with my kids!
  8. Yeah - Steph likes the bunny hills. ? <that pic is literally about the extent of the hill I ride, don't knock it till you try it>
  9. So... I am pretty fluent in anything related to cars/moto/etc.... what in the hell are those sidecar looking trikes starting around 9:30?
  10. Only 29k miles! I had an 02, had a ton of gremlins! Here is the 02, loaded and ready to go to the hill.... 195 Donek was longer than the roofline...
  11. my girls.... 91 supercharged Miata, 04 Mini with some extra bits and pieces ?
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