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  1. Hey, the season isn't over in the East!!! I broke two ribs racing on skis at the NASTAR Nationals in Squaw Valley on April 6th. I didn't want to end my season that way.
  2. Just tell them you're buying your skis on the installment plan.....
  3. Thanks! That's a good tip about going first thing in the morning. I'll post some photos/videos when we get back.
  4. Anyone ever done it? I'm spending a couple of days there in August and will try it out. The admission price includes snowboard, parka, helmet, etc. I can't imagine they have alpine boards but I though't I'd ask. In the same mall they have an attraction where you can scuba dive with sharks. I'm definitely signing up for that experience too.
  5. On the last day of individual competition at the NASTAR Nationals at Squaw Valley, I told the starter that the last gate on the yellow course was too far left and directed skiers into the timing photocells. Several other skiers complained about it and they did move it the width of one gate. Still not enough. I was in 4th position going into the last run and needed to really smoke a run. I got late at the last gate and did what I feared. Two more racers did the exact same thing after me. I wound up with a sled ride and two broken ribs. It also knocked me out of the Snowboard Race of Champions the next day. That was a major disappointment as I had recorded the third fastest raw time in that event. 2000+ plus skydives and I never broke a bone. Then I got into ski racing. I've lost count of the fractures....
  6. Nate Holland will be back as the snowboard pacesetter again this year. He may be on a softboot board but the the eight-time X Games champ is blazing fast and a genuinely nice guy. If you've qualified, give some thought to entering. April 2-7 Squaw Valley (where they're having an epic snow year) Check it out. Hope to see you out there!
  7. A significant number of high schools and academies in Vermont have snowboard racing programs Virtually all of these kids were on softboot setups. I don't know if you're anywhere near Shawnee Peak but they run a NASTAR program. They might be amenable to setting one course with stubbies on occasion. On most Sundays at Okemo in Vermont, I set one course with ski gates and one with stubbies for boarders. Jack - do you have any suggestions?
  8. Got to forerun again today. This time the Vermont HS Snowboard GS Championship. These kids were faster, one especially so. Wish I had waxed.
  9. The Connecticut Ski Council finally created a separate Snowboard Class for the Monday Night Beer League this past season. NASTAR scoring is used. Each racer scores points for their team: 25 for first place, 22 for second 20 for third, 18 for fourth, etc. . Skiers compete within their age group and boarders are in an open class scoring the same points breakdown regardless of age. For most of the boarders it was the first time they were able to make a significant contribution to their teams. Back to comparisons. This past Wednesday I competed as a skier and boarder at Wachusett Mountain in the Massachusetts Senior Winter Games (I'm so old, my daughter is eligible to race in the event!) The GS was set with two courses and we made one run on each. My ski times were identical at 33.56 and 33.56. My board times on the same courses were 42.66 and 40.74. In the Super G the ski time was 43.77 and the board time was 51.81. Ski gates were used in both races. Someone shot video of the event. Since my ski runs had identical times I downloaded the runs on both courses and used some video editing software to do a side-by-side comparison. I'm the lower racer in the clips (I ran head-to-head with another 70+ racer.. Here's one of my board runs going head-to-head with another hardbooter.
  10. He's off to a great start! I'd like to transition my 7 year old grandson to hard boots. Can you recommend a source for bindings that small?
  11. We only had ten racers show up for the Connecticut Ski Council State Snowboard Race yesterday but I'm happy with the results. "When you're over the hill......you pick up speed".
  12. The Vermont Academies Snowboard Race was held on Okemo's Wardance race trail yesterday and I was invited to be one of the forerunners. All the racers were on softboot boards and I rode my 171 Kessler. In the first run, no one beat my time of 54.27. In the second run, one of the kids recorded a 53.88. I was wearing my 70+ Ski Club patch so they knew I'm old enough to be their grandfather. It was nice to show them what a race board can do. Hopefully we'll have some converts. A week from Monday I'll forerun the state HS Snowboard Race.
  13. patmoore

    NASTAR 2016-2017

    Thanks for the kind words guys. For the record, the par time shown for Okemo on the NASTAR website hasn't been updated since we moved the venue from Blackout to Bull Run. Par times are typically around 18 seconds there. Over the years, AJ Kitt had a few runs in the low 19 second bracket and Marco Sullivan dipped into the 18s. I paceset both the ski course and the stubbies course today on skis and established par times of 18.49 and 18.25 respectively. Both course were set for GS today with an average vertical spacing of 21 meters. My times on the two courses were 22.68 on the ski course and 22.39 on the stubbies. I then switched to my Kessler and made a couple of runs with the best being a 24.69. Anytime I can keep my board times within 2.3 seconds of my ski times I'm happy. My snowboard handicap today was 35 which is Platinum for someone as old as I am. If you have the opportunity to run NASTAR I encourage you to do it. And then join us at Squaw Valley where you'll be amazed at how fast Nate Holland is on a softboot board.
  14. I moved both bindings back a notch this morning and it seemed to help. On both heelside and toeside turns I was able to commit more to the edge.
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