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  1. I don't have the fondest memory of Hunter. Maybe I'd have been better off on my snowboard. It was the NASTAR Pacesetting Trials a few years ago.
  2. If you're near Vermont and want to run gates, there are a couple of options at Okemo. Every Tuesday morning, we hold our Innkeepers Race Series on Wardance. There's a single start and finish but the coursesetters put ski gates to the left and stubbies to the right. Anything under 40 seconds is a good time. You'll need to join a team. Each evening after racing, a local restaurant will feed you for $5. Most Saturdays and SundaysI'll set one course of stubbies on Okemo's NASTAR course on Bull Run. It's a shorter course but good for practice. I'm looking for weekend help this coming winter. Duties: fencing, timing, registering racers, and pacesetting. Prefer someone who can race on both skis and boards but not critical. It's a paid position and includes an Epic season pass. Contact me at pmoore (at) snet.net
  3. Forgot to mention that I tried sandboarding on the dunes. They wouldn't let me strap in so I couldn't make any turns. I had watched the video three times before I noticed the girl on the right. Go to the 5:38 mark on the video.... My shark dive is at 7:00
  4. $57 got you two hours of slope time, rental gear, lift pass, and all the clothes you need including disposable socks. They normally don't provide gloves but gave them to us anyway. It was fun.
  5. Cool video! I may have to haul out my Surfer next winter.
  6. Okay, we're back. The trip was memorable with three safaris in Zimbabwe and Botswana. Three days in Dubai weren't enough. I did put together a Dubai travel video with a fair amount of footage from Ski Dubai. The snow conditions were actually pretty good. The rental board I got was marginal. Would love to have had my Kessler or Madd with me.
  7. Hey, the season isn't over in the East!!! I broke two ribs racing on skis at the NASTAR Nationals in Squaw Valley on April 6th. I didn't want to end my season that way.
  8. Just tell them you're buying your skis on the installment plan.....
  9. Thanks! That's a good tip about going first thing in the morning. I'll post some photos/videos when we get back.
  10. Anyone ever done it? I'm spending a couple of days there in August and will try it out. The admission price includes snowboard, parka, helmet, etc. I can't imagine they have alpine boards but I though't I'd ask. In the same mall they have an attraction where you can scuba dive with sharks. I'm definitely signing up for that experience too.
  11. On the last day of individual competition at the NASTAR Nationals at Squaw Valley, I told the starter that the last gate on the yellow course was too far left and directed skiers into the timing photocells. Several other skiers complained about it and they did move it the width of one gate. Still not enough. I was in 4th position going into the last run and needed to really smoke a run. I got late at the last gate and did what I feared. Two more racers did the exact same thing after me. I wound up with a sled ride and two broken ribs. It also knocked me out of the Snowboard Race of Champions the next day. That was a major disappointment as I had recorded the third fastest raw time in that event. 2000+ plus skydives and I never broke a bone. Then I got into ski racing. I've lost count of the fractures....
  12. Nate Holland will be back as the snowboard pacesetter again this year. He may be on a softboot board but the the eight-time X Games champ is blazing fast and a genuinely nice guy. If you've qualified, give some thought to entering. April 2-7 Squaw Valley (where they're having an epic snow year) Check it out. Hope to see you out there!
  13. A significant number of high schools and academies in Vermont have snowboard racing programs Virtually all of these kids were on softboot setups. I don't know if you're anywhere near Shawnee Peak but they run a NASTAR program. They might be amenable to setting one course with stubbies on occasion. On most Sundays at Okemo in Vermont, I set one course with ski gates and one with stubbies for boarders. Jack - do you have any suggestions?
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