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  1. F2 mediums only go up to 28 maybe 28.5
  2. No interference from the Intec's to a standard binding. I use both with Intecs.
  3. Well I guest the next time I'm riding a board older than 2008 and someone says how can I try that? I'm suppose to say this is old you wouldn't have fun on this you need to buy newer stuff, oh and I can't give you tips on how because I'm not a certified instructor.
  4. Last year I had an intermediate boarder want to try carving. I got him set up with boots 2018 174 Coiler NFCE TD3 bindings that was right for his weight and went out on a hard green/easy blue run with hero snow. He would start his turn lock the edge and take off downhill. First four runs almost hit three people and almost two trees. When in switched to a 2002 Burton 173 FP Burton race bindings in two runs he was making C and J turns. After another two half days on the Burton got him back on the Coiler and he could make some C/J turns. You don't put everyone in a formula one car to start learning to drive.
  5. Boots got here in great shape.  Thanks  Charlie

  6. Yes I still have the TD 2's.       Charlie

  7. What are the sidewall numbers?
  8. I ride Bogus 2-4 days during the week and weekends. There's 3-4 others that ride off and on. Best hero snow is Showcase. will try to meet up after they open Charlie
  9. Is that 295mm the sole size on the side of the heal or mondo size? What size does the liner say? If it's 27 I'm interested
  10. When I get a new board I start bindings centered, take 3-4 runs then move move front binding forward one hole 1/8" on center disk then 3 more runs then move forward again, then next set of forward holes until board starts hooking then back off two holes and then set rear binding to stance. If board starts off turning too easy I'll move back until I can't finish c turns without lots of pressure
  11. yes still available, I have 3/6 or 3/3 cants
  12. Kessler 180 $400 plus shipping ump and 4 x 2 mounting 46.5-50 mm stance 16-17 season was used by the Canadian team to test plates. Used about two months never raced. Has some nicks on top base is good. Has some extra holes drilled and filled where they were trying different plates I got it in March 17 use it once, 5 times '18-19 I was 190# and had to be 95-100% to make it work right. Now I've lost 20# and need to get different board. Would work well for 180-230#
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