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    Bogus Basin
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    174 Coiler NFCE
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    180 coiler<br />
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    Raichle 323 125
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    Bomber TD2 step in & reg 66/60 6deg/3deg<br />
    Burton Race plates 66/60 6deg/0deg<br />
    snowpro race 66/60 4deg/0deg
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  1. I have a Kessler 180 $400 Bomber TD2 with 3 and 6 degree cants $200 Amplid 28-28.5 boots din soles made from Raichle 325 mold no liners $100 Raichle 28 mondo moldable liners $50 All plus shipping email me at ibrussell@yahoo.com for more info
  2. Trying to sign up but Turner's not answering the phone. So plus one when they call back.
  3. I didn't get my car stuck without being pulled out. But when you'er blocking the only road to 3 feet of powder someone will pull you out. Best time in 10 years you have to make it to Turner and maybe visit Lost Trails on the way to or from.
  4. To get rid of binding suck I take the binding off my boards wax and put them on the rack downstairs in a dark room close the door and wait till fall so the dust bunny's can do their magic.
  5. For lift/cant you can use a Burton cant with a 4hole center and bolt any 4hole binding on. That's how I get rear lift for my F2's
  6. I'll interested in board and bindings.  what year was the board made?  What is the waist?    Charlie

  7. Too much rear heel pressure just before half way thru the turn. Lighten up back foot or run a deg or two steeper angle on back binding, which will take heel pressure off back
  8. Sent paypal and address
  9. Sent again asking for shipping cost to 83702 and you paypal Charlie
  10. How much to ship to  Boise ID  83702.  What's your paypal?     My address is Charlie Russell  2601 Hillway dr Boise ID  83702    Charlie

    1. 1xsculler


      It will be shipped tomorrow. 


    2. ibrussell
  11. Hi  I' take it, Could you give a shipping price to  Boise ID 83702      and your paypal info

    Charles Russell  2601 Hillway dr Boise ID 83702

  12. A 22cm board is slower to transition than a 19-20cm and will get bounced around more. Just have to get use to the board. Although when it gets choppy/skied out I switch from a 23 to a 20 waist to cut though the chop.
  13. I have a set of Blax X1 24.5 Like new been worn around house $60 plus shipping
  14. What's your paypal? for the Boiler pate bases.    Charles Russell  2601 Hillway dr Boise ID 83702    Thanks  Charlie

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