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  1. Fred Mertz checking in. My favorite and "best jacket" is the loose cut size large jacket that is 85 % off, normally about this time of year. Always found on-line and never in my preferred color but that's the only reason that i ever wear anything other than black, so it works out. Grease, snags on trees, frozen cord the cafeteria always have me looking to save$ in this department That said, I like the AK stuff I've had but they need better QC with zippers.
  2. with me, they have it easy.....i am easily impressed. great city where the bike rules. to drive a car there is like some sort of self imposed punishment and maybe the slowest way to get around. pedestrians, bikes, trains, buses, razor scooter and everything else........ are all better options, by design.
  3. The trees are in the sketch or CGI that has been floating around the past few years. I myself have wondered if they would survive the transition to reality, we’ll see. My understanding is that there is the possibility that it will get sprayed with a superficial layer of machine made snow when temps allow, in lieu of water. Not sure how accurate that hearsay is but it sounds plausible to me.
  4. looking forward to this. slated to be opening soon and i am next going to be in Copenhagen in early spring 2020. i think i might end up leaving a board there with family, if it turns out to be as good as it looks like it might be. don’t be fooled though. it is a dry Neveplast slope. i guess if it snows, they close it ? that’d be sad.
  5. looking on behalf of a friend and that's the profile that will have the most appeal. length 172 or above, for sure. no core shots, delams and stuff, please. i have a few of those that i could just give to them. if you have something and have a price in mind, maybe it'll work out. thanks
  6. I had this one sitting around for years and my youngest daughter swiped it and put it on her board. She liked it because she has a lot of Scanner blood in the veins. When I explained to her who it reps, she watched some vids and Terje got himself a new #1 fan. He seems ageless and none of his riding ever seems dated.
  7. a few years ago, SWA destroyed a beloved Tanker 200 and i called them about it. i got the same response about the carrier not being liable. initially, anyway. the rep asked me how much the board would cost to replace and i explained that it had been used for many years and that, in fairness, some depreciation was in order. she thanked me for being honest about that aspect of the whole thing and gave me flight credits for $600. i think they were gracious, under the circumstances. daveo's method seems like more of a sure thing.
  8. sorry. nothing to do with edge angles............Iceland is so beautiful. I have never boarded there (yet) but I always stay for a few days when going to or from Denmark. even though it's just a "layover", it always seems like two trips in one.
  9. from felonies to fonts, by way of a personal attack. daveo’s shovel is a spade, btw. handle looks short enough to me. edge can be either curved or straight to be a spade.
  10. the same stuff that goes on here (i live near baltimore/d.c.) and most everywhere else.
  11. Pius !! old buddy. old pal. you should call me. maybe it's time to have another late night meeting in Tysons/Stone Springs. sending you a message, in a moment.
  12. davekempmeister


    skier buddy of mine is back there getting the cold smoke screen. we trade shots. when i am near the lift unbuckling he usually gets his revenge. also, this is 5 years ago - i always wear a helmet now. as time passes, i find it hard to believe that i used to be so sure of myself.
  13. looks a little slushy. you know i'm just jealous.
  14. i feel vindicated. i ride flat/no cant and with a narrow stance. but, i know nothing about racing. nothing.
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