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  1. Two "like new" Coilers for sale. I have dropped significant weight and need to move to softer boards.
  2. Unfortunately there is still a partial image in @Freezer post in the thread.
  3. As good as the turn looks the groom looks even better. I'm heading back to Aspen next winter and would love to have some of that. Maybe @Jack M will pull the photo off the thread.
  4. Making turns on steep shear ice [that smooth flat icy surface underneath the groom that is left exposed after the skiers and skidders scrap off the loose material] was new to me on a Superconductor. Actively riding the pitch again and again without hesitation expanded my range. Is it all due to the board? Probably not. I’ve made a lot of complementary improvements this season. Would it have happened without the board? Not as soon. I’ve hated ice since I lost an heel side edge on my M6 back in the 90’s which lead to my first helmet. I hadn’t aggressively ridden ice until I got the board. Loading the nose of a board on ice just wan’t a favorite thing to do. While my VCAM rails on ice, the soft nose and tail of the Superconductor arcs as soon as you put the board up on its edge and from there you are off to the races. But you have to ride it at the center. There have been more than a few times I caught myself loading the nose and had to correct myself in order to save the run.
  5. Makes me wonder.... Bought the boots and liners in Toronto at YYZ. Shells 27, liner 27. Ordered 27 liners but the liners that shipped someone had clearly scrubbed off 95% of the “.5”. All I know is .5 size liners are available and they fit better than the 27’s. Worth a try instead of cutting into the liner especially if room is available in the boot.
  6. Ordered size 27 Palau liners from Carvers Paradise. They sent a pair of 27.5’s. Made a world of difference. Don’t assume the liner fully fills the shell. There is an X-ray of a boot toe pocket showing the toes of a foot, the liner and the boot on the Alpine Snowboard Trader Facebook that clearly shows a significant gap between the liner and the shell.
  7. Talked to Mark just yesterday about a shorter board with a tighter radius that has the same characteristics as my Superconductor, an incredible board I must say, but something longer than 162. Planting a seed for a 167/168 Miniconductor to fill the slot. Just looking at the length numbers a 171 XC is not much different than a 175 Superconductor and makes me wonder if it is a flex rating or a XC characteristic. Did you try a SF 162?
  8. Lack of Desire is the main constraining factor based on a 3% response rate Here are the results. Keep in mind the information is derived from the comments not the poll. To daveo’s point the poll was poorly designed. Originally when I tried to set up the poll the system kicked me out due to too many questions/choices so I just improvised. I was looking for comments more so than the polling data. Thanks to everyone who responded. I was curious to see the reply-to-view ratio. 26 replies to 792 views. Slightly over a 3% response rate. I went thru the comments and binned them as follows. Included a couple of double comments and threw out a couple of off topic responses: Didn’t know 4 17% Lack of Desire 11 46% Bindings 1 4% Lacking instruction 3 12.5% Nothing 3 12.5% Cost 2 8% Survey says Lack of Desire is the main constraining factor based on a 3% response rate. More importantly “desire” comments were coupled with comments about proactively seeking out the equipment, training and pitch. Speaks to a higher than average “self-reliant” group of enthusiasts determined to participate.
  9. Where did you ride? I had to deliver a car to my daughter so we met south of Syracuse and surfed fresh powder at Toggenburg from the storm that blew in on Friday. Point being I missed a beautiful weekend up north so I’m heading up to Searchmont for three days this coming weekend if the weather holds up. There’s still time to ride and their lift tickets are $54 CAD. Not ready to let go just yet!
  10. Any experience with the Razor in powder? I rode one for 4 years before jumping to hardboots and have been hanging onto it for the day I see powder.
  11. When and under what conditions do you ride the 162?
  12. Toyota maybe a city in Aichi but Detroit is “The Motor City”.
  13. Please participate...need a large sample set to generate sufficient confidence in results. Not going to move the needle on growth until we know what the root cause preventing participation.
  14. My experience with all three sports [alpine carving, windsurfing & kiteboarding] started with buying expensive gear and learning complicated controls in a dynamic environment which eventually creates the same dilemma. The better you get the better conditions you desire which means unless you live at a location conducive to success frustration sets in because your opportunities to advance diminish as you progress. In my case I sold my windsurfing gear after more than 10 years of chasing wind and sent my kite and board out west so my son could use it. Last weekend at a local resort north of Sault Ste. Marie 50% of the soft boot boarders were carving. Of those 50% carved exclusively. If there were boards with a rigid soft boot binding matched to a board available for tryout then the boot issue goes away. If someone likes their experience they may be more likely to jump to a hard boot. There's always going to be a subset of the population who want to carve, its just a matter of availability of equipment and guidance. Your idea of a low cost forgiving board/boot setup sounds like a good entry point to make an impression on wannabes.
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