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    Bourg St Maurice, France.
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    Shames Mountain, Powder King Mountain Resort, Espace Killy.
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    Burton Ultra Prime 162<br />
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    Burton Alp 164
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  1. I was qouted £35-£55 for delivery to the US, 4-9 days.
  2. Desole je revenais au Royaume-Uni pour voir la famille. SVP confirmed vote code postal. Je vais envoyer la citation aujourd'hui. Ciao
  3. Bonjour, je trouvle la prix at envoyez in MP. Ciao
  4. Free!!!! I've used these over the past 3 seasons, still stiff with decent amount of flex. FREE All buckles work great (2 replaced), fully adjustable, no cracks or splits. Great boots for a intermediate rider or eager beginner. Based in France, can ship WW. Oxygen Proton 27.5 free to a good home, consider a donation to this site. You must cover shipping. Vintage
  5. Thanks for this review! I currently have a 16/17 Nidecker Platinum and was thinking about getting a Concept but couldn't find many reviews. I'm surprised at how flexible the Platinum is so interesting to hear you say the same thing about the Concept. Did you compare it to the Rave ?? I've got Phantom Red Bindings, had looked at the Carvers but couldn't justify the cost this year. What modifications did you make to them ???
  6. Stick with it, breathe and don't forget to have fun ! When I first started i bought a pretty aggressive, stiff and skinny board because its all I could find, It was very difficult. I then found a more flexible, wider board (Burton Alp 164) that allowed me to practice using shallower binding angles and steadily improve. I spent lots of time on beginner runs, working on feeling more comfortable and adjusting my stance. Lots of practice and lots of breaks to take in the scenery and appreciate the great outdoors and why i love snow sports. Start Slow, Take your Time, Smile Stupidly ! PS let me know if you want to trade for that Renntiger Timothy 'JetSpeed' Martin -France.
  7. Oxygen Proton Boots 27.5 €60 (70$US) OBO I've used these over the past 3 seasons, still stiff with small amount of flex. All buckles work great, fully adjustable, no cracks or splits. Great boots for a intermediate rider or eager beginner. Based in France, can ship WW.
  8. Is the Volkl still available?? Can you send me a shipping qoute to Halifax, NS B4A 1H5 ?? Or tell me how much it weighs. Thanks !
  9. @pauleleven - So sorry I completely missed your message. Did I miss you ???? @Sasquatch_Surfer Ridiculously sunny this week, Bluebird skies for DAYS. Snow in the forecast for Thursday!
  10. Can you provide a shipping qoute for Halifax, NS. B4A 1H5
  11. Hello, I'll be based in Bourg St Maurice this season, if anyone is in France please let me know and hopefully we can meet for a coffee and a carve. Cheers to a safe and happy season. He travail a Bourg St Maurice pour le saison, quand vous et proche (Tignes, Val Disere, Les Arcs) svp contact rencontrer pour un café et un glisse. Bonne saison a tous. Sante.
  12. I'm hopefully heading to Powder King to finish the season. Maybe meet up with some people for a spring session outside Vancouver or the interior??
  13. Hello from Halifax, Is this board still avialable ? I'm planning to head out west next week, hopefully for a few months. Maybe we can connect before i leave. Cheers.
  14. Hey I'm in Halifax, planning a few trips to Martock/Wentworth and maybe Poley-NB & Valley Direne QC. Chere's!
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