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  1. I'm totally confused by this. Do you mean that I can't seek a refund if the leg-breaking is not to my satisfaction? Or if the leg in question fails to stay broken? Or are you suggesting I cannot petition for money back from my Holy and Omnipotent Creator if the leg is broken in the first place? This, of course, is ridiculous, because an Omnipotent Creator would never produce an imperfect leg in the first place, making it clear that the break is my responsibility. Snowboarding is hard...
  2. You know, her fatter, uglier, grubbier stepsister is going to be jealous...
  3. lordmetroland

    Yo Lci!!

    I’m not a f*****g teenager anymore!!!
  4. lordmetroland

    Yo Lci!!

    I like having sex AND defacing public property, but now that I'm older I don't do either one as much as I'd like.
  5. ...and Mickey Rooney playing a saucer-eyed, undernourished, improbably red-haired Santa is somehow not psychotic?
  6. This is how work makes me feel these days....
  7. So, while all the Pricess Tinyfeets are gathered around gushing and giggling, the clodhoppers among us are scuffing their heels and grousing about feeling left out, as usual...Big Feets Matter!
  8. On the Intuition site, there’s just one thickness. These are seriously stiff, the tongue’d version of the Power Wrap. Tried them in a pair of softies and they overpowered the shells, which I deposited in the trash when I got home.
  9. Au contraire, my white-loafer-and-Sansabelt-wearing friend, a convincing argument could be made that most of The World's problems are directly related to the presence of testicles, not their absence. I fondly reflect on my lengthy career in the soprano section of the Vienna Boys' Choir without even a hint of regret. By the way, I pooped in your Yardland on Friday...
  10. The testicles come as part of the deal or you gotta supply your own?
  11. Used twice, molded once (but I think the guy doing the molding undercooked them. In retrospect, he may have just been sweeping up around the place while the legitimate boot fitter was taking a lunch break). Happy to send pictures, but they look virtually new with a couple of rub marks on the rear logo from taking them in an out of shells. I'm wanting to love the tongue liners, I really am, but the wrap liners may be preferred by my dainty shins.
  12. All along, I've been misusing that term. I always thought it referred to those little floaty poops that keep coming back up into the bowl...
  13. Begging the question; "for what?" Too many dates? Astronomical self-esteem? A rabid following?
  14. Check your OS for updates. The use of "rad" [gnar / pow] should automatically trip the you-can-tune-out-now-cos-everything-that-follows-is-obviously-complete-madeup-bulls*** switch in your consciousness.
  15. As a condition of participation, all of these bands should be forced to cover “Anarchyburger” in their PRB sets...
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