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  1. JShort

    Coiler ECVC 175

    The board has been sold.
  2. Sold to Gossamer. Thanks Kipp!
  3. After looking at some other prices on these bindings, I think my price was a little high to start. Lowering to $175 and will include shipping in that price for Con US.
  4. Pair of F2 Race Titanium bindings (black in color). I bought these new from Sean at Donek two years ago and only used them about 4-5 days (my "days" are about 3 hours of ride time). I have multiple sets of these and decided to sell this set to try a size small. My boot sole length falls right in the middle of the large and small F2 binding recommendation. The bindings will come in the original box with no missing parts. I also have the cant/lift blocks (included). $200
  5. JShort

    Coiler ECVC 175

    160-180lbs rider weight. Thank you!
  6. JShort

    Coiler ECVC 175

    Price lowered to $300.
  7. JShort

    Coiler ECVC 175

    Still available!
  8. Back to the top. Still available with no use since posting them for sale.
  9. 2018 UPZ RC11 boots in 28.0-28.5 size. The boots are in excellent shape and have about 9-10 days of riding on them. Lime green color. No changes/modifications - these are exactly as they came from UPZ. I'm only selling to go down to the 27.0-27.5 size. UPZ boots run a little large. I have a size 10 foot and this boot/size would be ideal (in my opinion) for a Men's 10.5-11. Probably even a 11.5. The boots will come in the original box with all of the extra's that came from UPZ. Asking $380 *I'm happy to send pictures to anyone interested. Just let me know where to email or text.
  10. JShort

    Coiler ECVC 175

    I recently purchased this board as an experiment (successful!) on trying a wider width board before dropping $1300 on my new board and "guessing" on my ideal waist width. I don't ride high angles and like my boards in the 20.5-22cm range waist width. Coiler ECVC 175, 22cm waist, 13M sidecut. Titanal, carbonium top sheet. The board is in EXCELLENT condition and has not been ridden much. Original thread: This board rides extremely well (honestly). Base/edges in excellent condition. I'm happy to send pictures to anyone interested. Just let me know where to email or text. Asking $350
  11. $150 for everything. Liners are gone, so the boots are just the shells now.
  12. The board and Allflex have been sold. Thanks!
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