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  1. bobble


    saw this video on making files on clockspring. this is how the ancients made files to tune their snowboards. https://youtu.be/SOw9WqMOHjA?t=330
  2. bobble


    me want brass plates now.
  3. the kid in video is lucky he didn't sprain or break his ankle. wonder how many of these OW appear on ebay or craigslist? "used only once"
  4. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdD1eRpwgWshBo4akp7grf5GymajfDjJgaN668WxcwjSGwkcg/viewanalytics
  5. Googled onewheel injuries. Yikes. Ride safe.
  6. the article says that Angie "could still receive a Pitkin County Jail sentence in addition to probation." sentencing is July 1st. so its not over yet.
  7. bought my buck ski pass for next season. noticed that they have new "Resort Partners". wonder if any are worth the trip? I bet @bigwavedave knows! Arizona Snowbowl, AZ Big Snow Resort- Home of Indianhead and Blackjack Mountains, MI Black Mountain, NH Bolton Valley, VT Camp 10 Ski and Snowboard Area, WI Dartmouth Skiway, NH Detriot Mountain, MN Eaglecrest, AK Great Bear Ski Valley, SD Granby Ranch, CO Granite Gorge, NH Hesperus, CO Lost Valley, ME Magic Mountain, VT McIntyre, NH Mont du Lac, WI (what's the word on this place?) MT. Crescent Ski Area, NE Nordic Valley, UT Pajarito Mountain, NM Plattekill Mountain, NY Powderhorn, CO Purgatory, CO Seven Oaks, IA (had no idea ski hills existed in Iowa) Sipapu, NM Ski Cooper, CO Snowstar Winter Sports Park, IL Sunlight, CO Whaleback Mountain, NH Yawgoo Valley, RI What?!? No Paoli Peaks?
  8. 3/31/19 started out icy cord. Softened within the hour. Crossroads was ok but liked Warners and Meadows for the surf. Not too bad.
  9. 3/10/19 Rained Saturday then turned to snow. buck closed at 6pm due inclement weather. I think we got about 5-6 inches of new snow... I overheard the ticket office say that they had groomed last night and that there was cord. Crossroads had a lot of icy cord and bumps under the "powder". Long big turns and getting bounced off edge. It wasn't fun. Olympic was worse. I was humbled on first turn. I swung over to skiers right near that chute for first turn and immediately got bounced off toe-side edge. Landed on my stomach. Not sure what happened... might've hit ruts from the groomer under the snow. At the bottom of meadows there were ruts, folds in the snow, or something at the bottom that made it difficult to slow down without chattering. I fell just coming into the lift line. Rode chair with a skier who complained about that area too. Ended up leaving after an hour.
  10. bobble


    3/8/19 Greg, Trent and myself. Can you diggit?
  11. 3/6/19 at lunch, the snow was softer than yesterday. buck tore up the border cross course on rail yard (meadows). what's the point? suppose to rain this weekend. taking tomorrow off (Thursday) to ride Welch.
  12. 3/5/19 snow was fantastic. hero! very firm but edges will hold. went at lunch and in evening. good to see erik out riding at lunch.
  13. bobble


    2/28/19 conditions at welch were decent but a bit soft. felt great to be out. Greg, Paul, Trent and myself. good times! ... Except almost had a collision with a skier. no one was behind me when i started down Pete's (steep run next to Dan's). just before the last pitch i was on a toe-side turn, the snow gave way, edge blew out, and slid towards the edge of the run. at that moment i heard someone yelling and saw the legs of a skier between me and the edge of the run. felt the spray of snow too. the guy bombed the rest of the run headed to the chalet. i got up a few moments later, let Paul pass me, and went to the chair. i got down to the bottom and met with Greg and Paul at the chairlift. i was a bit shaken by what happened. it turned out that on the same run, the same damn skier almost took out Paul who was uphill from me. when he missed Paul he continued on and almost collided into me. Greg saw the skier about to enter the chalet. he walked over to him and exchanged words. in another multi-verse, i was hit by the skier. Groupies lasted to about 2pm. it was just trent and myself. had just changed shoes/boots and were walking down the stairs. we hear a woman from behind, "excuse me?!?" my first thought was i dropped something. we both stopped and looked up the stairs. there were two elder women looking down on us. "we just wanted to say how much we admired your riding" awww...
  14. 2/27/19 got a couple inches of top snow over cord. the new snow filled in the grooves of the cord so it was very smooth. it would be ideal for skiing provided it doesn't get trashed too much. playing hooky tomorrow at welch.
  15. 2/23/19 went skiing with a friend in afternoon. olympic was bumped out from new snow. i was on skis and was unprepared. worst ride ever. rest of place was okay. down at main chair lift line my friend asks "do you smell skunk?" a couple runs later at main chair my friend asks "i think i found where that skunk smell is coming from... its from inside that building... smells like weed." i guess i've gotten used to the smell that i don't think about it. not really sure what it is. probably because ms. bobble works in med-cannibis. harvest days are the worst. are they really toking up in the lift operations shack?
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