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  1. I went to Mankato State. only went skiing twice there. when my nephews went to school there we all went to Mt. Kato. it was snowing hard that day. the front run might be okay for carving. its steep but short. backside runs were flat. we couldn't turn with slowing down too much due to snow. hope it works out.
  2. 12/8/19 snow was fast. initially it was sunny skies. around 11AM it was completely flat. THE SEARCH FOR MOON VALLEY -- MINNESOTA'S FOREMOST SKI RESORT i had once heard about a ski slope that had closed long ago that was somewhere along the Minnesota River. i thought the site was in east Bloomington near Indian Mounds or past cedar avenue. tried searching but couldn't find anything. i came across an article that mentioned Moon Valley ski slope. it was located in Chanhassen along Minnesota River. I must've have mixed up the location. I started to research Moon Valley but couldn't find much except interior photo of chalet and a match book of "Minnesota's Foremost Ski Resort". finding the location was confusing. i thought maybe it was near Lion's Den or further south on Flying Cloud road where there was a gravel pit. I searched on google maps and UM geo library of aerial photos. nothing stood out. i asked my brother because he lives in the area. he replied... here's approximate location: Flying Cloud near Hesse Farm Road. I later found a Facebook posting from City of Chanhassen. start saving those Buck Hill brochures and matchbooks. in 10-20-30 years they'll be collectibles.
  3. Dear Vail Resorts, Can you help us make payroll next week? Thanks! Spirit Mountain
  4. @bigwavedave uhhh… WTF, over? https://www.mprnews.org/story/2019/12/06/dnt-spirit-mountain-to-ask-duluth-for-235k-to-stay-afloat-after-canceled-snocross
  5. 12/5/19 over break... snow was very good. grippy. think they've groomed out most of the snow gravel.
  6. you walked from tiny house? can't remember... how far is that?
  7. 12/2/19 went out over lunch break. snowguns were blowing on every run but didn't seem to be blowing snow. just water vapor. I had water droplets on my goggles. when I got home the thighs of my sweat pants were wet. the snow on skiers right of crossroads was soft. almost hero.
  8. bobble


    I usually don't make it out to welch till after Christmas. by that time there's snow on ground and the lifties from Pro Staff Temps are wearing proper cold weather attire and understand the intricacies of how to bump chairs.
  9. @bigwavedave if it's any consolation, conditions at buck were not great for alpine snowboarding. there was snow on top of icy cord. plus it was hard to see in flat light. better if on skis.
  10. 11/29/19 low visibility. snow has a light dusting of snow on top of cord. seemed fast. milkrun, crossroads, olympic, teachers pet, were open. what cracks me up is a full day is $47 even though not all runs are open. why are they trying to sell mini cornhole games with buck logo at the ticket office?
  11. bobble


    sorry for late response. we met a guy on the chair that went to welch and only two runs were open.
  12. 11/23/19 buck opened at 10am. snow was fast. there were areas that were bumpy. milkrun… just ok. crossroads... meh. the bottom has some bumps. Olympic... terrible at the top. marble madness.
  13. finally got around to fixing the boot. since the screw thread was detached and spinning, i just ripped off the heel from the boot. i had problems punching out the flange of t-nut. i was using a 3/16" punch and all it did was bend the portion upwards. I thought I would weaken the boss. i took a knife and jabbed it around the walls of the boss. i later tried punching the flange and still had problems. the flanges would bend up. the plastic wouldn't give. I dug out a 1/8" punch and angled it in the hole to get more surface contact with the flange. this worked. most of the flange popped out. one prong was still embedded. the plastic interfered with the fit of the new t-nut. i had to cut away the plastic. i wore a head lamp and every time i reached into the boot my hand would block the light. i was using fresh xacto blades and it was difficult to cut plastic. wish i knew of a better tool. it was an exercise in patience. i had purchased black t-nuts couple years ago from michelle at Bomber. forgot i had them until i was digging through my boot parts. hope these work better than the McMaster Carr ones. i positioned the t-nut to avoid the prong still in the plastic. tapped it partially in with a hammer and long rod in order so i could start the screw. i remembered reading one of the posts about teflon and applied it to threads. i also applied Bomber Butter to the bottom surface of the recessed hole with a Q-tip. the t-nut looked firmly seated. repeated same for other screws. thanks for the advice. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5Ktw27AC4h/
  14. its difficult to skate over rough ice with hockey skates especially with a kite.
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