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  1. Are you interested in selling just bindings?
  2. Trees are a nice aesthetic touch. Crashing into a tree on a dry slope would be sad.
  3. TD3 SW SI 3 deg cants - can swap out one with a 0 deg Yellow e-pads and e-rings Great condition - $425 plus shipping Only reason I am selling is because I have moved from Deeluxe to UPZ, and TD3's don't adjust down to small UPZ boot sizes.
  4. jng

    First time alpine setup

    Sounds like the racer is way too far down the rabbit hole to be providing advice to beginners.
  5. I am looking to try a pair of UPZ's for my wide feet. Anyone looking to unload a pair?
  6. jng

    WTB Bomber BTS

    I have a pair of BTS with yellows if you're interested.
  7. Looks like a rejected Flow prototype.
  8. Freeboard is fun on perfect pavement. Otherwise, absolutely terrifying.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SG-Alpine-Snowboard-16-17-Full-Race-Titan-163-Used-W-F2-Race-Titanium-Bindings/123684517486?hash=item1ccc2bf66e:g:yVIAAOSwa2tchF7J Not mine but $650 is a great deal with bindings.
  10. Yawn. Ever hear of Jeremy Jones, Terje Haakonsen, Xavier de le Rue? See the stances of top softboot riders and explain how duck is the best way for everyone. https://whitelines.com/snowboard-gear/set-up-maintenance/pro-snowboarder-stances-binding-angles.html#RowwC8HckbJUjv8s.97
  11. @Dw3 Your answer is right in your question. Don't sweat it if you've only been on hardboots for 4 days. You'll get used to switching between hard and soft, but the first few days is weird for sure. Keep the angles on the soft setup that have been working for you. Don't overthink it. If after 20 days, you have a preference for different angles, then adjust. I switch between hard and soft boot setups all the time, and other than on the first few runs of the season, it takes no time to adjust.
  12. jng

    Kids on hardboots

    @noschoolrider Thanks for the tips! I race CityLeague now. My son will join their Friday night kids program next year. They're the only ski program that will take kids. The other more traditional ski programs have said no. We are planning on hitting Bachelor for USASA in Dec.
  13. jng

    Kids on hardboots

    After assembling a setup from far and wide, here's my grom on day 5 on hardboots. Wish I started him on a board earlier. https://youtu.be/UI0nTrwLNlY
  14. Adjust your riding (style and gear) and embrace the conditions. 6" sounds like there is plenty of fun to be had as long as you are willing to adapt. Work on carving another day.
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