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  1. Big thank you to Turner for believing in us that we will have more registering before the event! Great job Dave and other coordinators of this event! Ink
  2. Tried calling a bunch of times today to register and only got an answering machine. I’ll try again next week. Ink
  3. This plus Phantom Bindings which are designed to have flex/feel more like soft boot binders. Would be an expensive test, and I would be curious of results, but may get you what your after. Ink
  4. inkaholic

    Yo Lci!!

    Good possibility I will be out. Ink
  5. inkaholic

    Yo Lci!!

    Dang! Both to the Dude moving on and the OddJob accident. Glad it wasn’t worse. Dude, you will be missed but we do still expect to see you come around some during winter. A HOUSE?!? Water heater did ya in? ink
  6. How about $100 shipping for the board? For boots I have size 22-24.5 Raichle 724 with thermoflex liner. One ankle rivet has been replace with a t-nut, washer and bolt. $50 + shipping. Also size 23-24 Burton Freecarves with thermoflex liners. $50 + shipping. No bindings at this time. I can email pics if you want to see any of these. Ink
  7. I have this Rossi 136 which may work well karverkai rode it for several days before getting infected. Really good condition and soft enough that kids can actually flex it. Also have some smaller sized boots and possibly binders. ink
  8. inkaholic

    Yo Lci!!

    JohnE, Like what Mr John Deere typed, Speedie Stevie is one of my former athletes along with Mr John Deere. Right JD, definite right glove violation. Time to take the gloves away again. However I treated each of my athletes the same, whether a kid finding an online school for himself so he could be on snow more or a goon outa Loon. Great times with a bunch of great athletes. Ink
  9. inkaholic

    Yo Lci!!

    Dang, bummed I missed it/you all. Glad your ok Bigs. Nice filming Carvin’. Ink
  10. inkaholic

    Yo Lci!!

    Was a good pow day today! Hoping for more goods tomorrow. Ink
  11. inkaholic

    Yo Lci!!

    Bummed we’ll miss you Cory. Plan another one to spend some time with the LCI. Ink
  12. inkaholic

    Yo Lci!!

    We have a special guest joining on hill schenanigans both days this weekend. My former athlete and inspiration to Big Mario, the infamous Mr. John Deere ! ink oh, I’ll be there some too
  13. JohnE, D.T. and I each took first run on days 1 and 4 on carving boards then made the switch to pow playing gear. You should be officially jealous. The last 3 days were some of the best pow days we have enjoyed in the last decade. So good and sooo much fun. Hoping for the same at next years event. Ink
  14. John, You actually sold the board to Dustin (D.T.) and he passed it on to me. Definitely built to last. Ink
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