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    Teaching Snowboard at Grandvalira Ski & Snowboard School
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  1. RoroSnow


    Mid-spring and some snow left for a little bit of fun........
  2. RoroSnow


    Raining here today....... Yesterday was what may be call one of the last good day of the season.......(Hoping i'm wrong)..... Morning carved turns and afternoon pow secret spot..........that was a cool Saturday.....
  3. Ski shop photoshoped ?....
  4. Stop. Look back, look back and re-look back again..... Wait if necessary........wait even if not really necessary.... By doing this, you may carve less runs down today, but good chance you'll still be able to carve some more tomorrow..... Then repeat......!!!!!
  5. RoroSnow


    And after the morning, comes the afternoon........ .......... !!
  6. RoroSnow


    Still Thursday morning :
  7. RoroSnow


    17 days to go for the resort closing date, but still some good and unexpected conditions to enjoy !.... Thursday morning :
  8. RoroSnow


    First chair........The day after on groomers, the conditions weren't too bad neither .................!!
  9. RoroSnow


    Yesterday's Springday turns....Only 2 inches of fresh snow but worth giving it a try............
  10. I'm planning to have Sean build me a Flux for the next season....Till now , my softboot fleet was including two stock '05 and '06 glass Inclines...Very happy with them, but want some new and more damp toy now...What have you guys Flux happy owners been going with?...stock models, special sauce construction....?
  11. Thanks for keeping that forum and website alive. Keep up the good work guys!
  12. No SnowboardCross racer here, but hardbooter and also softboot freecarver. What I use : Driver X and Catek FR2 pro. Old Burton RAF inserts work well for tongue stiffening (Powerride-like). 2017-18-19 models don't allow those inserts to sit well on the tongue. Here's what I did (riveting them) on my old Drivers, that I will also do on my '19 ones once they soften too much.
  13. That's also what I was thinking.......Below is a a picture of those (in)visible lower titanal sheets I was speaking about : Not to hijack that thread too much, the game changing gear for me was getting a 163 Donek REV 11,5 fixed radius proto.... Very fun board, predictable, stable, turning tight and that damp feeling on it....Just, wow !.... what a joy riding that board...
  14. I do agree jack. What I don't exactly understand is why depending on the model, it is specified on the board description, Titanal or two sheets of Titanal....Should the lower sheet under the core be visible near the sidewall, like it is easily visible on racing skis or hidden behind it ?
  15. When the Proteus model came out , I think I do remember having read on Donek's Website that the Proteus even had 2 sheets of Titanal... Donek's website has changed since, and doesn't show anymore which are the differents layers of each board construction... I may have bad memory, so if someone here riding a Proteus from the first hours could certify this, it could correct me if I'm wrong..... Maybe the actual building of the Proteus has also change a bit since that time.........Sean ?.........
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