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  1. Someone that is just starting out would be lucky to have all that stuff. Kijiji the whole thing for a low price to get someone else on the mountain and get good Kharma.
  2. Does Epic vs. Icon mountain become part of the conversation? Epic just bought Hunter (Huntah) in the Catskills. Just saw that Vail day tickets durring the holidays are $169 if you buy in advance. Makes the MCC seem like the bargin of a lifetime. How about a charity race event there?
  3. Where the hell did that kid come from? He should learn to turn.
  4. Welcome back Pat. How much was an indoor session at Ski Dubai?
  5. Just registered as #41. I don't even think the family will allow me to go but I'll take one for the team. Hoping this helps motivate me to show up. Feel free to shame me into showing up as I would really like to be there.
  6. Besides the money? Scale appears to be how they are going to compete. Aren't we down to two options now for major resorts?
  7. We got to experience the culture shift as Okemo transitioned to Epic last year. Some good, some bad but you can't complain about the value and price. Hunter Mountain is part of the network now? If you are from NYC you know what to expect. Kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel for new mountains to consolidate.
  8. I had a fisherman friend who tried boarding in his rain slicks. When he fell, he would shoot down the hill like he was on a slip and slide. Funny for us. Not him though.
  9. Have you watched any of the videos on youtube of how to buckle ski boots? I didn't realize that you should leave the bottom buckles as loose as possible and leave my top buckles much looser than I used to, leaning more on the power strap to get a firm feel. All the cramping and shin pain disappeared this year.
  10. Can you review the Nirvana, Proteus, MK and Rev next? I really liked listening and watching.
  11. The 'starting over' period that I experience at the beginning of each season gets shorter and shorter year on year. Don't know why I flail so hard in November and December, but it was easier to get in a groove after a few days. Wish I could blame the board, as I did move from a Nirvana to a Proteus with the single sidecut radius, but I know that's not it. I do love that Proteus though. The big thing I learned this year was that being with other hard booters improves my riding more quickly than anything else. Hope to do more pack riding next year and maybe make it to MCC to see exponential improvement. Seeing the videos and photos of SES and MCC is very inspiring.
  12. So what do I rub?
  13. Found these on Ebay for $40 from Germany. Supposedly kids bindings that go pretty small. I ordered them already, but has anyone had any experience with these?
  14. I'm close to getting my son on a board and missing bindings that will go down to a 21.5 boot (Raichles). Looks like the F2 Tis will work. If someone knows of another way to get down to a small boot size or has a pair of F2s available, please let me know. Thanks
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