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  1. I never rode the 4mm lite, but I felt the 5mm V1 was too stiff in every way. Your plate sounds like it might be more like an Apex X, just taller. So I’d say my answer to your question is no. And I don’t think a UPM Vist plate exists.
  2. A plate is not necessary to get started. If you want to podium in open class, sure, then get a plate. Or if you have money to burn. Most USASA youth racers are on softboots and freestyle boards, so just having an alpine setup gives you an advantage already.
  3. For GS I would recommend something around 170cm, and for SL, around 155. If you get something in between it won't be very good for either event. I would suggest buying a GS board and then use your BX board for SL. You could put hardboots on it or not. My nephew who is smaller than you and not an expert is using UPZ RC11 boots and F2 Race Titanium bindings, fwiw.
  4. Welcome Tfr! The very first step in this journey is to be able to really carve your existing gear. Can you change edges before the board points downhill and ride the sidecut around? There are some tech articles here at alpinesnowboarder.com. Let's assume you can or will soon, next you need alpine gear. If you want something new on a budget the Pilot is good, the Pulse is better. A new Coiler would be about as much as a Pulse but they may be sold out already for next year. I would also recommend looking for used race boards here in our classifieds - look for Kessler, SG, Oxess, Donek Rev, Coiler, F2. For boots if you have high volume feet Deeluxe is good, but for average shaped feet I would look to UPZ for better heel hold. If you're looking at a Donek/Deeluxe package, Deeluxe boots can be improved for average feet with custom footbeds and extra padding for heel hold. Bindings, step up to the F2 Race Titanium. They're not nearly as stiff as they sound and they will be better and longer lasting than the Carve RS. Do let us know your height, weight and ability/experience and if you have any specific questions. Are you looking for one board for all racing, or a slalom and a GS? Good luck!
  5. sent you a PM about something else dude
  6. It sounds like you are a prime candidate for hardboots regardless. I expect it will be a revelation for you, please report back. If you must have a plate I would recommend either the Donek AF or Apex X over any Vist gen-1 type plates. The former allow the board to flex freely beneath them. The latter sit right on the board and act as a flex modifier. They generally make the board run longer than the board would bare. The Apex allows a bit more torsional flex than the Donek, so a bit more pedaling which helps it feel more natural. Also it's the lowest to the board, so it disappears once you get used to it. However the Donek being torsionally stiffer has slightly more ultimate edge hold.
  7. Sweet ride JRAZZ, but by "torture" I meant buying new toys that you can't use until next winter! Enjoy that bike, I'm jealous.
  8. I think that would be wise. The change from softboots to hardboots is already a big one, compounded by the change in binding angles. Why add to that right away? Sure, the singular act of carving a snowboard on easy terrain (where one should start) in hardboots is similar to doing it in softboots - you may actually find it easier. However skidding and maneuvering and generally getting around in hardboots is harder, awkward, and less intuitive at first because most people new to hardboots are fighting the equipment and the stance during those moments. Adding a plate makes it even harder to skid and maneuver, so it will make the whole setup feel that much more foreign and awkward.
  9. Where this will be your first season in hard boots I would highly recommend putting off the plate until at least a year from now. A plate is totally optional. You should get used to the new set up before adding something so dramatically different. That said, I had a great experience with the Donek AF plate. I like the Apex X plate more but it’s a lot more money.
  10. Unboxing... They arrived late last night and I was finally able to try them on this morning. They feel great. I got just the right size, 28.0, which puts me at the end of the range for the "C" shell. I have a perfect one finger of space between my heel and the shell with the liner out and big toe touching the front. As far as I can tell without having a board to clip into, I'm glad I got the World Cup version. Straight out of the box, forward flex is much softer than my UPZs with gray tongues. It is very even and seems to be mostly controlled by the BTS-like spring mechanism, not by boot deformation. I foresee myself switching to the supplied stiffer yellow springs by lunchtime on day one. I can't tell lateral stiffness without a board. The boots are remarkably lightweight. This is striking while walking around and just holding them in your hand. This should be a welcome performance upgrade. The stock liner is moldable and seems worth a try. Can't wait to mold them with my custom footbeds and ride! I'm not ruling out switching to Intuition or maybe Zipfit though. Included in the box were stiffer yellow forward flex springs, thin flat sole shims to take up a little more space if needed, and eccentric ankle hinge carriers to change cuff cant. Boots came with centered carriers installed. School Bus Yellow. feeling good. The tongue hinge is slotted such that it slides forward a bit as you flex the boot. The sole board, which fits into the depression in the bottom of the boot, below. I think I will keep my 6 degree toe lift on the front foot. Very excited to try them.
  11. I was already buckling/unbuckling my UPZs every run, so I figured what’s one more clip? I got some standards this past winter to see if I could tolerate them. I can. I will miss the step-ins, but I just have to try these boots! #yolo #midlifecrisis
  12. Anyone else torturing themselves with a post-season/summer gear purchase? Aaaaaaaaugh! Bye step-ins... for now?
  13. Yeah see that's a pretty nice used Ducati, which is higher on my list. Haven't tried that comparison, but 320 gets my audiophile poser juices going. Back in 2000 when iTunes was 128k I did A/B that with a CD and I could tell the difference easily.... maybe now 320 is good enough for my 45 year old ears. Agreed. The speakers are the instrument. Of course ideally the system should be balanced, but if you're going to cut corners, don't scrimp on the speakers.
  14. Sweet Neil. In 2000 I worked part time for the summer at a boutique HiFi store, they had some cool stuff like Bryston, B&W, Magnepan, Rotel, Jolida, Genelec monitors, Transparent cables, and more. I lusted for a Bryston amp of my own someday. Still don't have one. So for now my home theater is a Denon receiver and Klipsch Reference speakers. Towers for the mains. It cranks and I wouldn't know its deficiencies unless you brought over another piece of gear and we did an A/B session. I bought the whole schmear at once, so price was a factor. At the mountain I'm loving a stereo pair of Sonos Play 1 on the mantle. Probably the best sound $300 can buy. Puts the Bose Soundlink Mini I briefly used there to shame, but they're not really comparable. I do love the Soundlink Mini for its intended use though. Amazing little thing. I have to confess my source these days is either Spotify or Pandora, both set on max quality, and they're pretty darn good. I can't remember the last time I played a CD or even a losslessly ripped file. I suppose I should do an A/B test there.
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