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  1. I’m not sure I approve of these risky antics!!
  2. https://www.usskiandsnowboard.org/news/2020-race-cup-tour-announced
  3. Got this letter from Swix: HF & LF WAXES HAVE BEEN APPROVED Dear Valued Dealers and Partners, As the ski season nears, I am extremely pleased to announce that all Swix and Toko waxes shipping this Fall have been cleared for compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) requirements under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA). This includes all HF and LF fluorinated glide waxes, kick waxes, liquid waxes and cleaners. During the last two seasons, the EPA has been conducting a nationwide compliance and enforcement initiative centered on examining the chemical ingredients in ski waxes and cleaners. This initiative is part of a broader program to examine the use of perfluorinated chemicals in consumer products. All chemical substances in consumer products, including ski waxes and cleaners, must be reviewed and approved by the EPA prior to use. The EPA regulates the use of chemical substances in consumer products through the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976. Under TSCA, the importer (or U.S. producer) of a chemical product must certify that every chemical substance in product complies with all TSCA regulations. It is not enough to simply ask the upstream supplier if their mixture or substance complies with TSCA, or to assume that substances and mixtures approved for use in Europe are also compliant with TSCA. The EPA expects the importer/producer to independently verify compliance with U.S. law by checking the identity of individual chemical substances against a list of substances called the “TSCA Inventory” or by obtaining certain types of written documentation of compliance from the supplier. Swix USA recently completed an extensive review of all the chemical substances contained in their products and obtained the necessary documentation to ensure 100% compliance with TSCA, Toxic Substance Control Act. This long, investigative process caused a delay in SWIX and Toko’s ability to fulfill shipment of certain products during the 2018 - 2019 season, but it was necessary to undertake the process to verify 100% compliance with TSCA for all our products. To those customers who have had orders impacted by the delay, we understand and share in your frustration and we sincerely apologize for any disruption in your business. In our efforts to be 100% compliant and to protect our retail partners - we encourage everyone to ask your suppliers if they have undertaken the type of supply chain investigation necessary to verify and document 100% compliance with all applicable US laws and regulations. If they are not able to confirm in written documentation that they (or their suppliers) have checked the identity of the individual chemical substances in their products against the TSCA Inventory, then they have not done what EPA requires to comply with the law. In addition, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all Swix and Toko waxes and cleaners are in compliance with OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) workplace hazard communication requirements and other regulatory requirements such as California Proposition 65 (a California law that requires proper labeling and warnings for certain products sold or shipped in the state of California). The SDSs include a statement on TSCA compliance and provide important information for safely using our products. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all Swix and Toko waxes and cleaners are available at www.swixonline.com. As some of our waxes required packaging updates, they were not included in your June, July or August preseason shipments. Shipments of these waxes will begin shipping late September from our Massachusetts warehouse facilities. Should you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact your local Swix and Toko sales representative or to reach out to us directly at 1.800.343.8335. We value our relationship with you and look forward to a successful season! Sincerely, Steven Poulin // President & CEO of Brav USA SWIX SPORT | 60 Newark St | Haverhill Massachusetts 01832 You’re receiving this newsletter because you purchased something from us, or have expressed interest in receiving updates from Swix Sport USA
  4. I agree with @scottishsurfer, the new Tool album is awesome.
  5. Look into the turn. Remember to breathe. Don't twist the board. Yes, kind of like how you're supposed to exhale during a squat or bench press.
  6. No he doesn't... . But I think he'll be getting more.
  7. Pretty sure mine will be for sale soon, to be replaced by a new one of the same. I've never done that before, it's that good. Need to figure out some logistics before I list it. Purchased new in autumn of 2017, used in combination with 3 other boards. Bevels at 3 side, 1 base. Base and edge condition are 9.5, topsheet is 8. Nothing wrong with it, just want to maximize resale. Edit - ok, it's for sale. Shoot me a PM. @davekempmeister @AcousticBoarder
  8. Late to the party, summer whizzed by. A few items: Based on my conversations with Fin at the time, the motivations for calling it UPM were not nefarious. Nobody is trying to get rich in this industry, so there is no point in cutthroat tactics. Fin and Sean recognized that the Apex plate was the state of the art then, and wanted to make that insert pattern into an industry standard. This was intended to be a good thing for Apex and everyone else because then stock boards could be made to that standard and people could try different plates on one board. This made Apex's plate (and Bomber's and Donek's and Jasey Jay's and whoever else's) more accessible as people could get into the world of plates without having to buy a custom board for every plate. I think keeping the ASIP name would have decreased the likelihood of the pattern becoming standardized, IMO. This is all somewhat moot because Allflex/Iron Rock have basically conquered the racing market for now. A shame, because the Apex is awesome for freecarving, and still good for racing, if not at the top levels. Kessler is not even making stock UPM boards anymore. Good thing you can get an Apex plate with Allflex hardware, or swap your X-Plate's UPM hardware for Allflex hardware. The 4x4 version the Bomber Boiler Plate also properly moved the axles towards the tip and tail so that your feet were mostly inboard of them.
  9. Que? It’s an article. Sherman Poppen, 89.
  10. https://www.mlive.com/news/muskegon/2019/08/father-of-snowboarding-a-muskegon-native-dies.html
  11. Jack M

    Best jacket

    FA Designs is worth a look, made by a fellow alpiner! I've had the Subsonic (shell) and Auxiliary (insulated). The Aux is very warm but also very lightweight for an insulated jacket. The outer material is exceptionally waterproof and breathable. The zippers are tops. The hood fits over a helmet and works well. If you regularly drag body parts across frozen granular, you will want to reinforce the fabric in those areas, or look elsewhere. (Aerostitch?)
  12. Vulfpeck / Fearless Flyers. Impossible to not tap your foot!
  13. The only thing that changed was that the racing careers and public images of P and J as the torch-bearers of alpine were basically over, by their own natural progression. P&J were special, a tough act to follow that Burton could not reproduce. For the time, the gear was still awesome. Then along came Prior and the rest and they elevated the state of the art. After the PJ Burton made big efforts in alpine, like making boards AND boots for race (Factory Prime, Fire), freecarve (Ultra Prime, Alp boards, Wind boot), and all-mtn alpine (Amp, E-deck, Wire, Coil boards, Earth boot). They were even ahead of their time with softboot carvers, the Asym Air and Fusion. Market forces pushed Burton out of Alpine, and when they finally realized they had to, they divorced the Burton brand from Alpine pretty hard. That hurt, but then they STILL tried to keep it going under a new brand, R17 Addicted. These are not the actions of a company that didn't care.
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