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    Kessler Alpine 168, Kessler Custom Alpine 175, Kessler Alpine 180, vintage Coiler 196 SG, Winterstick BX166w
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    Bomber TD3-SI, TD2-Ti-SI, 6/3 degree discs. Toe lift on front foot, heel lift and outward cant on back foot. Now O-Drive
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  1. "On Monday, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced that they have moved to ban Russia from competition in major international sporting events for four years, including the upcoming Olympics and soccer World Cup, over doping noncompliance." https://www.skiracing.com/stories/russia-handed-four-year-ban-for-doping-violations
  2. I am assistant coaching for Carrabassett Valley Academy - we have a team of 6 hardbooters this year! If I get a pass to leave my family this winter it will be to go to USASA Nationals with the CVA team. Also our daughter is at CVA competing in Moguls. If she gets an invitation to Nationals we may all go. Wish I had infinite resources and could be in two places at once. Hope to get to MCC someday!
  3. Jack M

    Racing TV Coverage

    And the PGS: https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/video/detail/parallel-slalom-fis-world-cup-bannoye/
  4. Oh I claim her as a snowboarder to anyone who will listen!! https://www.skiracing.com/stories/breaking-ester-ledecka-wins-first-world-cup?fbclid=IwAR3ypjHxmNL3YiXqVNRj_VjeMZMhwrjSZssvRCoP86UsHWy8qh0HKA3ZL88
  5. Jack M

    Racing TV Coverage

  6. Ah, I see the difference now between your 174 and his 171. Thanks. Usually stock boards have a range of inserts so I thought the 162 might be custom.
  7. What is the stance width on the 162? Looks like these were custom? Do you know what rider weight were they made for? I see you bought these from @Emdee406, he listed the bigger one as a 171, is that right?
  8. You mean these? http://www.thorsnowgloves.com/ not waterproof though.
  9. Done. Great idea. http://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/forum/8-ride-board/
  10. Jack M

    Boards for sale

    Paging @www.oldsnowboards.com!
  11. I think those sewn-on patches are going to let you down if you get intimate with the snow surface on a regular basis. And no gauntlet = no deal for me. I also got these Kincos because they claim they are waterproof but they are not at all. Not even with Sno-Seal. However the blank leather palm and fingers I think is the most durable design. But I'm with Corey, even those are not enough of a gauntlet for me. Big Wave Dave was kind enough to send me a pair of the Menard's last year and they worked well until I ripped through the cloth gauntlet. I think I've found them locally now so will try again with Gorilla tape on the gauntlet. Kombi Ferrous gloves are good but not cheap.
  12. C shell, outside hinge is 5.5cm forward of heel, inside hinge is 6.5cm forward. Both are 9cm above boot board. Correction above, @lonbordin.
  13. Sounds great @KB303. I'd be happy to publish your list. Let's talk.
  14. Suffice to say I like them better than the Genesis X, but the GX were good too. On the Nows, it's a must to reverse the back foot toe strap so the buckle doesn't catch and break off on a deep toeside. I have not tried Flows or any sb bindings with a metal baseplate so I don't have a lot to compare to. Very happy with the Nows though.
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