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  1. Looks like most others have hit the main points I would suggest having been in a similar situation: 1: Moldable liners. High volume ones for your case. 2: Foot beds. In my case they have been the single most useful thing for my feet, but I had many more issues than it seems you have. 3: Sort of mentioned but not really, you can get (or make) boot shims, not sure if they have a technical name. they are sort of like foot beds but completely flat, they can go between your shell and liner, or under your foot bed in the liner. They just serve to take up space under foot. I am sure you can also come up with a creative solution for one around your shins if you have extra space there specifically. This is the cheapest option, but I would personally focus on liners and footbeds first if you can afford it.
  2. If I can make it this year (new job so I dont know yet) and I can swing the extra time, I'd do a post!
  3. Think I found it... It just needs to come find me now!
  4. PMs sent... Did not realize I was not following my own thread haha.
  5. I believe it was built for a 175ish lb rider. That is about what I am at and it worked well for me. And I was thinking around $150 +shipping
  6. Dog days of summer/ next season anticipation bump!
  7. Wouldnt mind some travel friends, but im still trying to see if I can make it. I am transitioning jobs at the moment, and it looks like if I can go I would be landing Monday
  8. Curious as to how it is holding up! Chair 1 still open?
  9. Update from yesterday, @Ldbaustria I'm not sure if the bottom of stump will be open, coverage went down on skiers right. If it is it may be narrow and they will have to move some snow around to make it happen. Broadway should be open though. Rode a chair up with one of the racers training there, sounds like they are there for another week or so. They were from all over the US, Canada, and even someone from Europe. Did not sound like it was any one thing in particular that they were training for. Either way, again very cool to see all of them ride being national level athletes.
  10. Conditions were typical spring today. Chair 2 was fine for a few runs in the morning, then when they started running the cat on it it got variable, and I switched to Broadway. Bottom of stump is getting low on coverage in some places but it is really either a dirt patch or snow, not really a "yeah its snow..." with rocks everywhere which is good. There were a whole bunch of racer hard booters (atleast 10) though doing training, so that was fun to watch. Saw 1 other hardbooter too. Heres a quick vid from today. Not my best run, and first time trying to hold a gopro so sorry its not a great video. I also realized my color temp was off which I was able to fix a little in post, and camera was set to linear instead of wide so not the best. https://youtu.be/4j-6jGQj1Eg
  11. Will be at mammoth on Mon and Tues, June 24th and 25th. Anyone around?
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