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  1. Wouldnt mind some travel friends, but im still trying to see if I can make it. I am transitioning jobs at the moment, and it looks like if I can go I would be landing Monday
  2. Curious as to how it is holding up! Chair 1 still open?
  3. Update from yesterday, @Ldbaustria I'm not sure if the bottom of stump will be open, coverage went down on skiers right. If it is it may be narrow and they will have to move some snow around to make it happen. Broadway should be open though. Rode a chair up with one of the racers training there, sounds like they are there for another week or so. They were from all over the US, Canada, and even someone from Europe. Did not sound like it was any one thing in particular that they were training for. Either way, again very cool to see all of them ride being national level athletes.
  4. Conditions were typical spring today. Chair 2 was fine for a few runs in the morning, then when they started running the cat on it it got variable, and I switched to Broadway. Bottom of stump is getting low on coverage in some places but it is really either a dirt patch or snow, not really a "yeah its snow..." with rocks everywhere which is good. There were a whole bunch of racer hard booters (atleast 10) though doing training, so that was fun to watch. Saw 1 other hardbooter too. Heres a quick vid from today. Not my best run, and first time trying to hold a gopro so sorry its not a great video. I also realized my color temp was off which I was able to fix a little in post, and camera was set to linear instead of wide so not the best. https://youtu.be/4j-6jGQj1Eg
  5. Will be at mammoth on Mon and Tues, June 24th and 25th. Anyone around?
  6. Looks like stump is still open? Good, will be there Mon and Tues (24 and 25th)!
  7. Really hoping one gets posted, I'm still looking too... Might have to bite the bullet and just get a new one
  8. Here has been my series of chatter this season As I was pulling away from the lift: Kid: "what is that?" Dad: "oh that's a mono ski" very matter of factly Women skier also came up to me and asked: "how do you like those step in bindings?" referring to my TD3 sidewinder standards. "My son wants some and I don't know which to get." I proceeded to show her I was in hard boots and using bail bindings and she was very confused as to why I was wearing "ski boots" on my snowboard Teenager park rats trying to butter and do ollies as approaching the lift line and falling the whole way: "duuude, can you take that thing off jumps?!?!" Also saw a softbooter obviously trying to carve like Ryan Knapton, but falling every turn as he stuck his butt in the air and reached down for the snow. Riding with @Jcar, just past the lift starting our descent, we passed a ski school class. Instructor told all the kids to stop a moment and for us go by and watch how we turn. Same mountain, my GF tried taking a beginner lesson and had slightly forward angles of her own accord (15 and maybe 5?) the instructor insisted that because of her stance she would be unteachable and unable to learn snowboarding.....
  9. Bump for end of season/ spring cleaning!
  10. My season isn't over quite yet hopefully, but next season I want to ride with some more people, improve technique, push myself on steeper terrain, get a softboot all mountain carver, maybe get zipfits, and try or buy a used k168!
  11. Just reminder to check the screws in your gear as the weather warms up in spring conditions! I lost a boot canting disk today, even though I frequently check my boots and bindings. My guess is the warm weather and variable conditions of the last 2 times I've been out since checking things helped to work its way out. Luckily the repair shop found a matching screw and a large fender washer to atleast hold it for the day!
  12. I want to! I should be able to swing that.
  13. I guess I really should say keeping a forward stance in being consistent on both heel and toe. Specifically in the follow cam footage I can see where I am still doing some counter rotation
  14. Got some more footage from yesterday! Picked up a Coiler Angrry here and took it out for the first time today! (Thanks @rjnakata!!) Spring conditions were in full force. It was not quite frozen solid in the morning, but it was close. More of a frozen granular corduroy. That only lasted about a run and a half though before it got soft, and then very soft by the 3rd run (the second half of the footage is there) Overall I had a blast on this guy. I feel like the run in between these two was better, both in conditions and how well I was doing, but I don't have footage of that one unfortunately. I feel I am making progress in facing more forward, but I know I still have some ways to go. I felt like I was initiating more with my feet and lower body, but to me the footage seems to look more like a cross over with my upper body.
  15. Yeah, I was unsure how I would like it, I haven't had the MK click with me yet, but wanted to try something turny and more nimble for more local crowded resorts. I have some video I will be posting in my riding critique thread of me on it. It took me a run or 2 to get used to it and slow myself down in the carves, but then it was great fun, even when it warmed up to 60 degrees...
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