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  1. Agree with pmorita. Hard to justify more than a few hours. I would take a pole of who would be interested and where they are, and then try to find a location that is the best overall fit.
  2. I have a complete setup around that size. PM me.
  3. Binding suck drives me insane from a resale value of my boards standpoint, but I do not think it effects performance at all. I noticed many riders on Europa Cup with it in both Boardercross (where the center portion of the base is very often in contact with snow) and GS / SL. Seems to be a fact of life in high end boards. Interestingly, I have never heard or experienced even a bit of binding suck on Channel-System boards. Something about that insert design / approach seems to make it a non-issue.
  4. 100% cosigned. Let's stop making excuses for bad service, bad products, embezzlement, etc in a niche sport like this. It is permissive, and ultimately it degrades the longevity of this already nearly dead aspect of board riding. This area is expensive enough to create a massive barrier to entry for the average rider to begin with, not to mention in some sense they are being asked to essentially learn to ride anew on top of forking out major coin on equipment (even if purchased used). Throwing in crappy customer experience is not a boon to this dynamic. I understand this might not be his day job--boo freakin' hoo. Gradually people will take their business elsewhere (including away from hardbooting / carving) and you lose your investment... and we lose another manufacturer of cool shit. I think the community needs to demand a higher standard.
  5. That is in total (all four composite components) or per pair?
  6. Anyone know the weight of the various Gecko models? I cannot find this info on the website, however is plausible (ok, probable) I am just not searching well enough.
  7. If OP is all taken care of, I am on the hunt for these as well. Let me know.
  8. They make great products, absolutely no argument there. That said, I have (and many others I have bench marked with) had fairly lackluster / crappy purchasing experiences with Apex under current ownership. I am simply pointing out that, from an averaging standpoint, it seems to skew towards "poor" or "mediocre". In a niche business / sport such as this one, that is an essential aspect of a business's operation and reputation that should be removed.
  9. Prior owner was great. Jason, I'm sure he's a nice enough guy... But come on. Niche market. Prices all around the same for these products and a pretty affluent customer base. This is what sinks these businesses. Many emails already, no response.
  10. Very helpful. So is the sale going on or what? What is going on with this company?
  11. This happening? Anyone got an inside line? The overall experience with Apex hasn't been great, I feel, over the last few years. Still great products, but the lack of customer appreciation / service makes me want to look for other options. I just want a pair of geckos, guys!
  12. Atom Ant

    FIS PGS/PSL Bias

    Gremlin, I think your so focused on the bullet points your missing the tongue planted firmly in cheek. Dual is boring to watch, does not display the talent of the riders or capability of the equipment, makes far less use of the terrain, is harder and less engaging to watch, and is less relatable. Bad for the sport, ultimately.
  13. Atom Ant

    FIS PGS/PSL Bias

    Current racers can state anything they want about the modern FIS-approach and set up with the dual format. Whatever. Take one watch of some old-school, single course approach of yesteryear and tell me the following: It features less exciting courses that make less use of the terrain and provide the racers with less opportunity for strategy and various risk / reward in racer approach It makes poorer use of what alpine equipment can do The focus on a single rider at a time, from a broadcast / audience point of view is less engaging (due to having only one rider to watch at a time) It makes the sport appear less approachable for current-non participants because it bears no resemblance to beer league / NASTAR Reference documents (understand this is Super G):
  14. Thanks all. I just want to make sure the homework is done properly before I am accused of selling something to someone who cannot use it!
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