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  1. Patti is helping out some kids from Shriners Hospital that are going skiing at Afton, I'll be there on skis
  2. fish tank broke couldn't take a shower because there was a spider in the bathroom you woke up in a good mood and didn't want to ruin it first day of class was too stressful you needed a day off the police blocked your car in while raiding your neighbor you're smoking meat and need to be home to watch it cause carving?
  3. gives me another week for the finger to heal!
  4. What liners did you get? I'm not a big fine of the liners that came with my Deeluxe's. I was just thinking last night I have a pair of Intuitions laying around I might remold
  5. not sure on time frame of return, but I'm skiing in Whistler next month. I should be back in not too long
  6. I went to urgent care that Saturday night, orthopedic doctor on Monday, and I think they scheduled me for surgery as early as they could which was Friday. I guess we just need to complain more to get our way
  7. From the rumor mill... I guess the head honcho guy of the Buck Hill race team told the owner to remove the moguls, they're gone now. The end of the NASTAR/Ski Challenge run is very narrow at the bottom because of the jump. A guy that does a lot of the race announcing (I think) panicked, lost his edge, slid into the red safety net. He was in a lot pain, maybe broken hip or femur. That was the first run of the night. I've never seen so many Ski Patrol at Buck, I think there was a dozen of them there last night. My injured finger
  8. Sat 12/29 Buck made snow over night, was covered in gates and not really groomed. Took two runs and left, should have brought my skis.
  9. That guy is a piece of shit Bob, I told Patti you'd probably go to Buck after being at Welch, lol
  10. I have a pair of clear-yellow Heads I don't use, size 26 I think
  11. The four wheeler tracks are all over hill, pretty blatant we dong give a F*$%
  12. According to Wikipedia, snowskates have existed since the 1930s... You use to be able to rent those at Powder Ridge back when I was in high school. I think a lot of people got hurt using them, so you can't rent them anymore. Edit: wiki link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowskates
  13. I see the snow guns setup on crossroads, guessing they're going to start pumping out snow for the moguls.
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