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    Donek Proteus 170cm, 20cm, 11m SCR
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    Swoard 175H gen3
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    UPZ RC-10
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    F2 race ti
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  1. Impeccable logic - I like it! Thanks for all the advice!
  2. Jack, if going with the Apex X plate, is there any reason to pick the Kessler with UPM over 4x4 inserts or vice-versa? (E.g., would UPM inserts provide better contact/less play/better longevity?) thanks much! CP
  3. Wow, looks like all I have left to do now is go ahead and dispose of my cash...
  4. Jack, this is awesome info - thanks so much. A plate comparo on this very board is exactly what I needed. what inserts? (I like my F2 Race Ti) thank you!!!
  5. Looking sharp! What’s your advice? plates? no plates? which ones?
  6. This is awesome info, both on sources, and on the Superconductor! I keep collecting them, which at this point is easier than working on my technique
  7. Ok, I think I absolutely need a new Kessler 168 for next season. What’s the best way to get it? Now? Later? In Switzerland? In the US or Canada? (I’m on the West Coast) I do realize this is a luxury problem. Merci for your help, CP PS: as I mentioned in a prior post, I’m also curious about the Thirst Superconductor, so feel free to wax about that...
  8. Conversation behind me in the lift line at Squaw: Dude 1: “what’s that thing?” Dude 2: “oh man, that’s a monoski. Have you seen how much he has tilted his bindings” Dude 3: “if it’s to do that, you might as well use actual real skis!” I thought that was a hopeless situation and simply moved on. From the dude who actually used a monoski (once).
  9. Still between the Superconductor and a Kessler Alpine 168 for my next addition. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  10. Enjoying every bit of this conversation!
  11. Where do you even buy a new Kessler from the US?
  12. the green arrow? You’re too kind! By all means, let us know!!!
  13. Hi, I’m already thinking about my next acquisition for *next* season. The boards on my shortlist are the Sperconductor and the 168 - both seem to earn glowing reviews from all you sages and super athletes. How should I think about this trade off? As for more infor about me: my quiver includes a Donek Monster, a Coiler Stubby v2, and an older Swoard... I’ve been carving since 1991, but still suck at it :-). Live on the West Coast now and am looking for something that makes the medium carve as easy as possible for me (not slalom nor giant). I like the liveliness of the Monster, but also the stability and steadfast hold of Coiler... Thx so much for you thoughts!
  14. Barryj, tell us more. What's so unique about the Kessler vs. our usual MKs and Proteuses? That Moss is rad! - especially for all the snow we keep getting
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