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  1. Thanks @DRUPI. Please keep us posted. @philw they might be a good alternative to the phantom spring system.
  2. Hi @DRUPI. Any plans to make a spring system for the Atomic Backlands?
  3. "Good form" depends on the intention. Extreme carving by definition means dragging body parts on the snow. You wouldn't want to drag your hips on the snow when you're running gates. The poll question is nonsense.
  4. It's less likely to be hit-and-miss with tsa if disassembled but still not a guarantee. Too many, my partner would say, even after wanting to get rid of a few.
  5. I got to ride an XR for a couple days thanks to float life in Sacramento. The footpads on the XR are only two inches wider and longer than the pint's but those two inches make a world of difference in making the XR feel like a cushy tank. I kind of want one now.
  6. Emdee, are you selling the geckos too?
  7. Ordered in May, got it on September. I'm about 15 kms in and still finding my footing. Still a ton of fun though.
  8. There's the carbon backlands and the regular backlands. Don't know if the stiffness is different between them. Which one did you try?
  9. I have an older model BX board that I'd like to go to a good home. Rode it a lot with plates. It's no Kessler SL but it's fun and more forgiving. http://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/47497-oxygen-supercross/?tab=comments#comment-483474
  10. Someone buy this. I'd pick it up if I didn't already have my own KST 162 + Geckos combo.
  11. The dealer said mid-August. I'd have bought directly from FM but import taxes and shipping to Canadaland would add more than 25% of the cost. Saw this poor kid eat it but took it like a trooper. Stay safe out there.
  12. @MarkJeangerard rides there when he has the time. Should be a good carving resort.
  13. This thread is now about cats.
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