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  1. This thread is now about cats.
  2. did you feel the board push back at all before your nosedive? I read somewhere it's supposed to warn you that way before it kills the motor.
  3. thanks for the updates on your progress. can't wait for mine.
  4. Even wearers of fine clown boots and gunboats should benefits from a plate, no?
  5. Ugh, pint order got pushed to August.
  6. Thanks from those of us who are not on the faceplace.
  7. I ordered a pint which has approximately half the range of the XR but is a tad smaller. More importantly, it is also half the price. It should come in at the end of June and I'm getting really antsy waiting. @b0ardski you forgot your
  8. it's either Kalypsa Medium or Suisside regular. what do i win?
  9. Definitely interested in either. We have to rally the troops.
  10. It was warm all the way to the top the day before but only the runs off the peak chair froze overnight. I started the day with a couple of runs down big red, the first few minutes of which was nice and firm but the rest of it was already somewhat soft when I got there. It was cloudy all day so it kept the snow from melting quickly. Things started softening up around 12:30 but the saddle stayed solid all day so I spent a bit of time there. Good grooming everywhere. Off-piste was also great once things got soft. I surfed the slush all the way down to the village while dodging a few thin and brown spots.
  11. I was at Whistler today thinking it was the last weekend but it's Blackcomb they're closing for spring. Heard they're switching it up this season to do some work on one of the Blackcomb lifts.
  12. hey you already have one of those!
  13. Choice of soundtrack is just as sweet as the riding. Thanks for the review.
  14. @philw, curious to see if you've put more days on your set up and what your impressions are. End of season sales might be a good time to snag a pair.
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