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    Retired. They pay me not to work now.
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  1. Looks like you could use some gravy for those mashed potatoes.
  2. Sorry about responding so late. I talked with my grandson and unfortunately he has decided that he wants to ride park and rails next season. Damn jibbernauts! Told me that how I ride looks boring just turning and making grooves in the runs. Oh well, as they say "youth is wasted on the young". Sorry about not buying this.
  3. How much for the Rossi Magtek? Looking for a board for my grandson. He is currently riding a 162 Rossi Levitation.
  4. pokkis, I have that same Oxygen in Green.
  5. Interested if previous offer doesn't work out.
  6. Interested in buying this board. How much? What are the specs? What year was it made? Thanks, Mick
  7. Next season I want to ride more!
  8. boardguru


    Not sure of the Cottonwood canyons, but Sunday April 7th is the last day for UTA at PowMow.
  9. Carvin' Marvin, in your picture it looks as if you are putting a custom 'stone grind' on you new Thirst board.
  10. Man o man if I didn't already have 2 Nirvana's with almost the same specs I'd snag this up in a heartbeat. Great deal on an Awesome board!
  11. Nice 'bend it' pic Jack.
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