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    Retired. They pay me not to work now.
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  1. boardguru

    Happy Trees

    Here's hoping for that to happen. Got my season pass at PowMow ready and waiting for a great season. And hopefully work up the courage to ride the 184 Monster V2 that I bought from another member of ASB formerly BOL, a couple of years ago.
  2. boardguru

    Stuffing the nose

    OWWW! That's gotta hurt.
  3. Does the soft shell jacket only come in black?
  4. Since you'll be riding there this winter you should check out Montucky Clear Cut as it is right across the border.
  5. Howdy Art, is this going to be your home mountain this season? Have a great winter.
  6. For myself I center the bindings on the inner most holes, go ride, and then shift both bindings until it feels "right' for me.
  7. barry, just bumped Jack M's post back into the Forum.
  8. bump, to put this topic back in the forums.
  9. Howdy barry, Jack M posted a couple of pictures of the board on Feb 4th. It is under the heading Winterstick dips a toe into the waters. It was loosely based off of their BX board from what I understand. troubler replied on the topic. He is Wintersticks head engineer. He worked with a good friend of mine on the design and build of the board. It was a complete surprise to me when I received it last spring. I got it as a gift because of my involvement with Winterstick starting in Feb. 1976. They even mention me on their webpage in History about going to France. And yes plate bindings, F2 Titanium stepins.
  10. I'm loving my custom Winterstick 165 SL. Might be an option for you as they are located in Maine. Great people also.
  11. dredman, what is the rider count at now? It's great to see the many sponsors who will be there.
  12. boardguru

    New Snurfers

    Even a mini swallowtail Snurfer! They look like fun.
  13. Super psyched that WInterstick will be at MCC. Great people bringing back the snow surfing stoke!
  14. Yes I was wondering what brand of board it is. My wife and I also ride Rossi's Undertaker. Awesome powder board that also works well on groom.
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