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  1. Coffee, oh heck ya! Wish I could make it back there, I wish you the best for your event.
  2. Looking to buy these this season for riding powder.
  3. Can't wait to go to this event! I have ridden alone for ever, looking forward to riding with other carvers.
  4. Just booked a room at the Evergreen, pretty sweet deal for people coming to ride at Montucky Clear Cut. Thanks for the info Dave.
  5. Probably the first to do that. I have seen older videos from the 1920's and '40's showing people riding their versions of boards back then though. I believe Regis Roland was the first in Europe.
  6. R.I.P. Sherman Poppen a true pioneer. My younger brothers had Snurfers in 1968. But softbootsurfer, lets not leave Dimitrije Milovich out of "the sons of modern snowboarding". Way ahead of Tom and Jake in the boards he was making.
  7. Eagle Point Resort is just outside of Beaver, Utah. Looks like a fun place to ride. I haven't been there though.
  8. Just registered, talked to a very nice lady In Libby. Now need to look up places to stay. Looking forward to this event!
  9. Looks like you could use some gravy for those mashed potatoes.
  10. Sorry about responding so late. I talked with my grandson and unfortunately he has decided that he wants to ride park and rails next season. Damn jibbernauts! Told me that how I ride looks boring just turning and making grooves in the runs. Oh well, as they say "youth is wasted on the young". Sorry about not buying this.
  11. How much for the Rossi Magtek? Looking for a board for my grandson. He is currently riding a 162 Rossi Levitation.
  12. pokkis, I have that same Oxygen in Green.
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