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  1. SkiDad takes great care of his gear. I haven’t ridden this board, but I’ve seen SkiDad carve up icy King’s Landing and Hayburner at Sugarloaf. Even the steepest sections at the bottom. Buy and ride with confidence!
  2. I have one of these. Super versatile, super fun board!
  3. The board says it has a 3-D sidecut radius, which I take to mean it's variable. However, if I compare to my other boards, this one feels like it averages 9-10 metres. Maybe others know more?
  4. It does say they're in perfect condition ...
  5. For sale is a Volkl RennTiger 163. This is the board I should've bought first. A great, forgiving board for learning, and just fun all-round and for crowded or narrow slopes. Price reflects that while the board is in good condition, base and edges are getting a bit thin. I've owned this for several years, ridden it a lot, and only hand-tuned, so there's still lots of life and snap in it. The last base grind would've been pre- my ownership, but obviously, it's had at least a couple. I made one ptex repair to the base which is indistinguishable. Base is coated in storage wax. Binders not included. A great board, especially for a beginning or lighter rider. I am 160lbs and loved it, but it would work for someone considerably lighter or a little heavier.
  6. Sold! Thanks, Reid!
  7. Bump
  8. Bump
  9. No worries about fog. Just another learning opportunity and a reason to go into the trees. Thanks again for the advice on going to Whistler too.
  10. Yup, I was there. Looks like NS is being spellchecked to US. Sad. I had a few runs with Patrick & a good chat in the lodge (thanks again for the OJ, Patrick!) then went up to Sky chair for the softest snow & the trees. Bailed at 2 pm to catch my flight home. Sorry I didn't see more BOLers, but frankly it was pretty cool to see a guy in hardboots at the top of a run and say "Patrick?", to which he replied "Dave?" Not the reason I got into the sport, but one of the best things about it, for sure.
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