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    Ride El Hefe and Now Drive
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    Allways setback
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  1. Pedro's frontside air last week at the Vans Park Series in SLC was absolutely out of this world!!!
  2. Ok! Let's go!!! Carve... carve... carve.... carve... Let's hit that bank on the right side! Yeeaaah!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... Oooh! Untracked pow patch on the left!!! Slaaaaash!!! Back to the groom!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... This is waaaaay too much fun!!! Oh! Roller coming up! Pop it!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... Man! The conditions are awesome!!! Flatter section coming up. Let's do it switch! Carve... carve... carve... carve... 180 back to forward! Let's stop and watch Steph and Benny go by. Man! My buddies have style!!! Follow them!!! Etc... etc... etc...
  3. Mig

    Pavement Carving

    @pokkis I remember seeing that second spot in some of your slalom vids!
  4. A little run on one of my Fullbag longboards, specificaly tuned for carving. We filmed this at sunset, late last fall, after an afternoon of slalom skateboard practice. First experiment filming with an iPhone on a gimbal. It was cold, sub zero celcius, thus the winter jacket and snowboard helmet. I will try to add more little clips of pavement carving on skateboards in this thread, once in a while.
  5. I haven't listened to this in a very long time!!! Thanks!!!
  6. Thanks for the answer!!! I have been thinking for a long time to give hardboots another try for some freeride/freecarve on my boards. Leaning towards the Atomic Backland boots and Phantom bindings. (En passant, la Fullbag Diamond Blade est loin d'être un chewing-gum... ) Haaa! Haa! Ha!
  7. Good luck with your board project! What boots are you using Frederic?
  8. Yes, there was pockets at the top and bottom of the tongue to put the RAF in. Never had the biting problem you had with them in all my years using (which is since they came out, actually). They just stiffened the boot without any discomfort for me. Even now, I put them directly on my liner inside the shell and only feel a little extra pressure on toeside turns near the beginning of my toes. But not enough to ruin my day and could be easily fixed my reshaping/shortening them.
  9. Rocked those cheap yellow suits a few times in the 80s on pouring days. My riding buddy used a Mustang suit every single day during a few winters in the late 80s.
  10. Different then what the RAF where initially designed for as they were made to fit over the tongue shell. From what I remember reading on the website, the japanese ones are designed to fit between the liner and boot shell, and they work with soft and hard snowboard boots, and ski boots. They were still included with the Driver X up until a 3 or 4 years ago. I absolutly love them and they make a big difference for the boot flex. I wish they would have produced them in different flexes to fine tune the boots. I still use them in the newer Driver X boots, but now put them Inside the shell between the liner and the internal ankle lacing.
  11. I have been following Neil for a long time and love his stuff. And love Orange Man's riding style. He seems to stand up more then other japanese snowsurfers. Kind of sets him apart.
  12. @Dan your thinking of the Freeboard, which the Leiftech thingy seems to be just an electric version of.
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