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  1. I've never broken a bone and don't plan on it either. Knock on wood
  2. Daveo, what kind of warranty came with donek plate? Did they refund you?
  3. How does the FG plate differ from apex X plate? I'm most interested in a plate to absorb the choppy groomers.
  4. I always rode steep angles. And with either 3 strap bindings or K2 clickers which is essentially a hard boot. There pretty stiff and I just love them. I can carve decent with them right now. My riding style has always been top to bottom as fast as I could through all conditions including deep powder. That being said I think my transition should go fairly quick. Now I would like to lay it down!
  5. Yeah the price is up there for sure. It might prevent me from taking the plunge on that for now. Besides like you said I was thinking I would try it without so I could have a baseline for comparison. Definitely do.
  6. Riding on chopped up groomers for half a day does it make sense to invest in a plate system? My board has the UPM mounts. Does anyone have experience with the Donek AF plate https://www.donek.com/product/af-plate/ or preference to other systems?
  7. Can do that too with 2 of them. Sometimes my aim ain't so good and I end up half on the pad. So I figured 2 would be better
  8. What if he put a snowmobile ski on the front? no more post holing.
  9. Nice boards! I thought about using 2 sheets for a wider pad Great tip! Thanks
  10. Liner feels comfortable to me too. but since i'm new to hard booting what do I know. Ha.
  11. Do you guys have pics of your pads cut up configurations?
  12. Curious what stomp pads you guys prefer. I have used the old large foam pads. I've been searching for these without any luck. Now most are dinky ones. I did find a decent size one from Dakine. Plus this other one with the ridge on it that is 3 piece to spread out. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.
  13. I've decided after 30 years of riding burton 3 strap bindings and K2 step ins with powder boards to take it to the next level and go alpine with hard boots. Donek 175 Secret with F2 Titanium step in and Upz RC12 boots.
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