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  1. "omg, what is that moron doing!" "why is that jackass stopping right there?!?" "oh yah, that's brilliant, lets all line up & stop on the knoll so no one else can get by!" "Why cant that dolt just ski his line?" "please don't let this idiot smack his skis all over my board on the lift!" "great, all the Jerrys collecting at the top of the lift leaving no room to unload". Sometimes this dialogue is not just internal!
  2. Hopefully we will see some investment into Attitash....
  3. I'd like to know if a sale is going on. I want a set of carves.
  4. Thanks jng. I am interested. sending a pm. Thanks, Mike
  5. I only had about 14 days on the CX's at the end of this season & I like them a lot. We will se how the hold up to a full season next year!
  6. I did not have luck with the NX2 GT aluminum heel cups & was torqueing the hell out of them when riding. Bent one on the second day of riding. I sent them back & have been sticking with the standard NX2 & the NX2 CX. I've had a couple of years on the standard NX2's & the only issue I have had with them are the rivets for the ratchet pulling out. Flow replaced them with no issue (took a couple of weeks, but I had other straps from older flows that I swapped in).
  7. Looking for a set of Apex Gecko Carve Plates (found. Thanks Mark) a set of BTS (red springs if possible) Bomber TD3s Large. (I have M 31.5 boots) Thanks
  8. Email sent. Thanks, Mike
  9. I also do not like the hybrid straps. I have been riding Flows for a number of years now & I must be accustomed to their standard strap (fusion?). Anyway, I bought 2 new pairs this season with the hybrid strap & they seem to put pressure on a part of my foot that drives me crazy. With that being said, I only rode them for a few days before swapping out the hybrid straps for the regular fusion straps.
  10. I grew up doing all of the above. My dad had us skiing, skateboarding & surfing at a very young age. We also rode dirtbikes. Skiing & dirt bikes probably had the biggest impact due to the speed factor & g force in turns. I don't ski anymore, but I do skate, surf & ride motorcycles still. All of those sports/activities have aspects that partially feed my need to carve & bomb down the mountain. nothing covers it all though!
  11. Thanks for the info. We have a few riders that compete in the weekly race league, but the course it set up by skiers for skiers. I don't get the feeling they are anti-snowboard, just that they don't care or want to spend the time to do it any different.
  12. At my local nastar weekly event, they lump the snowboarders in with Adap.Cogn & tele skiers. I don't know what the skier with Adap.Cogn has, but he crushes it beating most other skiers & ends up taking platinum almost every time. I don't want to be a dick & be pissed off with someone with a disability, but at the same time, why is he lumped in with snowboarders?
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