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  1. I'd like to know if a sale is going on. I want a set of carves.
  2. Thanks jng. I am interested. sending a pm. Thanks, Mike
  3. I only had about 14 days on the CX's at the end of this season & I like them a lot. We will se how the hold up to a full season next year!
  4. I did not have luck with the NX2 GT aluminum heel cups & was torqueing the hell out of them when riding. Bent one on the second day of riding. I sent them back & have been sticking with the standard NX2 & the NX2 CX. I've had a couple of years on the standard NX2's & the only issue I have had with them are the rivets for the ratchet pulling out. Flow replaced them with no issue (took a couple of weeks, but I had other straps from older flows that I swapped in).
  5. Looking for a set of Apex Gecko Carve Plates (found. Thanks Mark) a set of BTS (red springs if possible) Bomber TD3s Large. (I have M 31.5 boots) Thanks
  6. Email sent. Thanks, Mike
  7. I also do not like the hybrid straps. I have been riding Flows for a number of years now & I must be accustomed to their standard strap (fusion?). Anyway, I bought 2 new pairs this season with the hybrid strap & they seem to put pressure on a part of my foot that drives me crazy. With that being said, I only rode them for a few days before swapping out the hybrid straps for the regular fusion straps.
  8. I grew up doing all of the above. My dad had us skiing, skateboarding & surfing at a very young age. We also rode dirtbikes. Skiing & dirt bikes probably had the biggest impact due to the speed factor & g force in turns. I don't ski anymore, but I do skate, surf & ride motorcycles still. All of those sports/activities have aspects that partially feed my need to carve & bomb down the mountain. nothing covers it all though!
  9. Thanks for the info. We have a few riders that compete in the weekly race league, but the course it set up by skiers for skiers. I don't get the feeling they are anti-snowboard, just that they don't care or want to spend the time to do it any different.
  10. At my local nastar weekly event, they lump the snowboarders in with Adap.Cogn & tele skiers. I don't know what the skier with Adap.Cogn has, but he crushes it beating most other skiers & ends up taking platinum almost every time. I don't want to be a dick & be pissed off with someone with a disability, but at the same time, why is he lumped in with snowboarders?
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