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  1. Ok, thanks for the feedback. I will put PA12 topsheet on both sides of the plate for protection, that is quite good for snow, so should be fine then.
  2. Does snow getting stuck between a plate and the board ever become a problem? The plate I will make will be quite close to the board, I wonder if I should give it a bit of a V-shaped bottom and ptex it.
  3. Nice to see a fellow Dutch carver on this forum! What is the blue board with the ugly bumpy top sheet, second one from the right?
  4. For me it all depends on the execution. Some extremecarvers make it look fluent and 'extremely' good, others are just alternating falling down with push-ups. Same goes for freecarving, some have body parts flapping around, others do it gracefully. Must say that is is harder to please my eyes with extremecarving, it really requires proper execution.
  5. The bails and lever look very burtonian to me, so if you broke the burton bails I'd have some hesitation.
  6. Nice board! Have you ridden a 30 cm waist board before? Look forward to hear some feedback on how that rides. I built a 27.5 cm board last year and would like to have less overhang, but a bit worried much wider will make it a too cumbersome.
  7. Started building the first board for this year. The board will have a plate (and the stiffness distribution will be such that it will not be rideable without a plate) A bit hesitant on the design now after I realized 174 cm effective edge is extremely long. It did not seem extreme to add less that 10% to the 'go anywhere' 160 cm for my everyday board, but it is longer that any commercially available board I have seen. Edit: Ah, Thirst snowboards just gave me peace of mind...
  8. TimW

    BOOTS 2.0

    It has been tried in the past... This was the softboot intec system. Doing two pins like you suggest might be better, but I actually think the above system is fine for the interface, the pin for lateral moments, the sole for fore-aft bending moments. I think the key thing is the hard shell on hardboots. And that hard shell also limits walking. A more logical sole / interface design may improve it, but I actually do not mind that much. For ski boots also alternatives have been made to improve walking etc., but nothing ever caught on. But if you do go commercial, do something like above, add a plastic shell, and I'd gladly give it a try.
  9. I was thinking the same, if it is flexible it could be great for getting fatigue failures of the bolts, or loosening them.
  10. Does anyone have the dimensions ( insert locations) for UPM & Allflex mount? I intend to built a snowboard + plate, but want to use the standard insert patterns so I could use other plate designs as well. (The board will be plate specific so I will not include 4x4 inserts, as the board should not work without a plate anyway) If anyone has the dimensions or would be willing to measure them for me that would great. As I understand Allflex uses standard distance between front and back inserts, UPM I am not sure.
  11. Problem is that the steeper runs are the most fun, nothing beats a nicely groomed black run! For me it is simply endlessly looking around, frequently stopping, and waiting for a quiet moment. I never assume skiers to anticipate the lines I ride. I'd love to do non-stop runs from top to bottom, but it is simply too tricky. Just on how tricky it can be: one day this year I went of a final run at the end of the day, slopes were already empty. My 8 year old son joined me. At some moment when I initiated a frontside and my board hit something and I washed out. Expected to see a rock or something that my board went over, I looked back and it turned out to have been my son's ski. Luckily he was not harmed, just both a bit shaken. Now my son, though young, always rides very controlled and is a good skier. He is always with me, knows exactly which turns I make (tries to copy them) and still I managed to surprise him. Let alone a skier who hardly ever sees a hardbooter. Moral of the story: always be extremely careful, never assume others to anticipate your turns.
  12. TimW

    I Want one

    Advertising has changed a bit over the years.
  13. TimW

    I Want one

    I had a Hot Logical 172 (1990 I think), which was the first board I really started carving on (beyond just tipping the board on its edge). I guess it also was my first board that was really suitable for carving with a good sidecut and stiffness. A lot of camber also, it was good at launching you from one turn into the next one (at least that was my impression, maybe more due to my skill & weight at the time...) After that I had an F2 Beamer 162, and on that I learned that asyms were not working for me. I consciously had to bring my weight back in heelside turns not to go over the nose. But I still love the way asyms look! Actually tempted to make a board with a longer heelside edge, to have a skewed nose and tail, just for the looks of it
  14. The kessler website says Clothoid, but according to the image in the link below the center is constant and the tip and tail deviate. http://www.kessler-swiss.com/en-US/technology/kesslerShapeTechnology My guess would be that the image is an engineering approximation of the clothoid curve that the difference is negligible for practical purposes. If somebody feels the urge to do the math..... edit: I noticed that I did not read up to the end of the thread when I posted this.....
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