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  1. Have some deeluxe track 425's that have been upgraded with the pro kit (4th buckle and stiffer tongue), size 28.5. Also have the DGSS spring system installed. Boots are in excellent conditon (maybe 10 days in them). Asking $325 plus shipping.
  2. I think there is some compelling information demonstrated here:
  3. Awesome JB, ill be there at 9 when lift opens. Looks like i might have run down some snowboard panels. My left arm is still wounded from hammering full size gs panels on toe side from last weekend!
  4. Hey guys! I am going to set a training course on this coming Saturday for those who are interested. Going to be on lower stadium and will set with stubbies. Will plan on having the course up by 9:30 and will run until noon. Reply here if you plan on making it! Sean
  5. Probably been said earlier but....... Find a local rider with experience. Between the stoke of riding with a compadre on an alpine rig and the advice on gear, setup and technique you will learn faster than any amount of hours behind the computer.....
  6. Setting now. Snow is iron! PERFECT!!!
  7. OK fellas; We are good to go so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! I’ll be heading up to set at about 2:10 on Stadium. Will probably take about 15 minutes to set then will need to switch from skis to my board. JBurk will be at the bottom of Stadium at the lift line meet everyone. Looking forward to seeing you guys
  8. Nice! Already talking about cutting heads...... Single course here boys, head to head PGS later in the season...... Or pull out the Brower timer...... Looks pretty wet up there today, Cooling off over the weekend, lets hope for hard snow!
  9. Great guys, the football game might affect turnout but looking forward to getting together. Dan come on over and jump in! I'll start the set a little lower on stadium to pick up a few terrain transitions and keep it pretty docile for session 1. I can always throw in a rise line brush to help with line and tactics if we need it.
  10. I am going to pull out the panzer file and roll the nose on my SG. https://www.sgsnowboards.com/how-to-protect-the-raceboard-nose/
  11. Great guys! Looking forward to seeing you! John I'll reach out to Josh as well. Is Keenan in the area? And...... We'll run hard for this first session, but I'll bring the video camera and ipad for a little post session Dartfish analysis over a couple pints in the future if the crew is interested. Burk, expecting that Thirst Warp will be tuned like a razor blade!
  12. Wanted to put the call out to any interested Riders for a gate training session this coming Sunday at Mt. Hood Meadows. I'm a ski coach with Meadows Race Team and am going to set a stubbie course on Stadium at around 2:15 on Sunday after ski training has completed. Will set to USASA GS spec from the Ram's Head gate down. Going to set on my skis then switch to board and am just getting back into Alpine after a very long break. Will keep the course up until 4 or so depending on interest. If enough show up I can schedule more sessions. I'll need attendees to sign a Meadows and MRT waiver and we'll be good to go, I'll bring some with me. Hoping there will be some interest in hammering some plastic and having some fun. If interested reply to this thread or give me a ring at 541 806 0010 (Sean), and we'll plan on meeting at the bottom of the Stadium lift at 2:15.
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