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  1. Has anybody heard of someone else trying to buy the Catek patents and re-introducing them?
  2. Tickets were at their lowest in late October early November (at least for me out of LA). As of now there is only 2 of us. I’ll keep ya posted when it gets closer. Where are you traveling from?
  3. Thanks Corey!! I just bought DRedmans TD3 Sidewinders. If a pair of Catek come up for sale, and are still available when I see them I’m gonna jump on them. From what everyone has said about them I really what to get a pair. The only thing I dont like is the floppy bails (can be remedied) and the limited parts and availability. All the rest sounds great and would love to get on them and lay some turns! thanks everyone!!!!
  4. I’m working with Bruce right now on a build. I will talk to him about The possibility of running a pair of Catek on this board. Thanks
  5. Awesome Wolf! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! I would definitely be interested in finding ways to secure the bails. I hate floppy bails! They would be going on a Coiler and or a Thirst.
  6. They sound great! Does anyone have a pair handy that they could take some pictures of? Mostly how the cant and lift works. I’ve never seen detailed photos of them assembled, only in pieces!
  7. LiquidEarth808 Awesome!! For now I’m running Reichle 124s. I’ll measure them when I get home. That’s a great idea just to be safe due to that fact that I will be at the edge of max length. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated!
  8. Yeah, thanks I’ve noticed. I’m 9-1/2 or 27.5. Look like I’ll be the small.
  9. Good to know, but what a bummer! I was under the impression that they had started back up again.
  10. Looking for a new set of bindings for next year and stumbled across the Catek OS2 recently. Not finding much info, feedback or reviews on them. Mostly people are selling them.... which may not be a good thing?? Would love to get some feedback from people who have ran them or are currently running them. Are they durable, how adjustable are they (cant, lift etc), flex, are parts readily available and most importantly hows Catek’s customer service? Thanks
  11. Jcar


    I’m sure we’ll make it!!
  12. Jcar


    What’s the head count up to?
  13. Jcar

    Coiler Update

    Received an email from him Last week. He said he’s practicing retirement and gonna be getting serious soon. We are starting to figure out my build.
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