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  1. Without a snowboard, what is he supposed to be?
  2. Pretty cool. Is he on a snowboard? Did Bruce have anything to do with this?
  3. When I feel that I am carving well, it isn't so much internal dialog as euphoria or a flood of endorphins that make me want to do it again & again & again (until my legs are completely shot). When I'm carving poorly (hard snow and/or steep), my internal dialog is "why am I doing this".
  4. I didn't know so many riser plates existed for softboots. I did talk to Sean at Donek. I believe he said that he would start making risers later this year nearing the new season.
  5. Anyone here have experience with softboot carving with riser plates? I know that Donek makes some. I assume the advantage is that by moving the boot soles higher above the edge, one can have more boot overhang without "boot-out". What are the disadvantages (aside from weight)?
  6. My opinion: I tried & tried to get comfortable riding in hardboots (not pain - just always felt on the edge of disaster). Two seasons ago I reverted to a softboot setup (Flow NX-GT2s) and I feel much more confident and stable. I'm sure that I will never get as low as many of the best hardbooters I see at Loveland but I'm having fun and feel more comfortable. Also, on my current softboot setup (Donek Flux), I don't have to decide in the morning what board to take for the conditions. The Flux works great in powder, crud and corduroy. Maybe because I feel more at ease, I don't feel as beat up at the end of the day. To each his own.
  7. Bob - Went to Crested Butte last weekend. Drove back toward Denver over Kebler Pass and McClure Pass and down through Redstone and Carbondale. Probably went by your new place. We looked for it but didn't know if we saw it or not. Beautiful trip.
  8. I've never skateboarded. Is it more like skateboarding or snowboarding? Their website makes it look like a lot of fun but the consequences of crashing a probably a lot bigger than snowboarding. It looks like it would be perfect in the right venue (like golf cart paths). I like their video showing the guy riding it on a hardpacked beach.
  9. Bob - Is that a One Wheel? How long have you had it? How similar is it to snowboarding? How do you like it?
  10. A few years ago we were boarding at Vail. At lunch we went into Two Elks Lodge. As you enter you are greeted by the "Kleenex Lady": women who greet you as you come in from the cold with box of Kleenex and say "tissue?". I was flabbergasted. I got thinking - imagine how far one would have to commute to afford to live if your job was the Kleenex Lady? They cater to the rich and entitled. They don't really care about your ability on the slopes. Their lift capacity is so high that the slopes are crowded. Not a good place to practice carving.
  11. Gorgeous house you've got there! I have a longtime friend who lived in Denver and had a 2nd house in Vail was contemplating retirement and almost bought a home in Carbondale. He ultimately decided to stay in the Vail valley and bought a place in Edwards. I tried to play up the advantages of Aspen over Vail but his roots there were too deep. How are you liking living in Carbondale after spending a long time in Aspen? What is better about it? What's worse?
  12. My Donek Flux. Our Greyhound dog is Raven. The image is the Greyhound Bus logo.
  13. Money. It seems like various small ski areas have their own character. Now they will all do it Vail's way. I normally ride at Loveland. It has been privately owned since opening in 1937. I think the current owners have owned it for many decades. It is pretty old-school funky. It was only last year that they finally installed their first high speed detachable quad. One of the things I like best about Loveland is that all of the Epic Pass holders drive right past it on their way to massive crowds further west. If the owners of Loveland wanted to cash out to Vail, I'm sure they could have many years ago. However, Vail's main play is real estate - not lift tickets. There is no lodging at Loveland and no room for it.
  14. Soon everything will be owned and run by Vail. In my teens & twenties I used to think that Vail was the ultimate ski area. I've been there several times in recent years to meet up with college buddies. From my perspective the shine has really gone off that apple. Unless you buy their Epic Pass everything is REALLY expensive. Also, it is crowded most all of the time. Their uphill capacity is so huge the slopes are now crowded. A recent joke that EPIC was Every Person In Colorado. Now it looks like it will be every person everywhere. No thanks. I'll stick to my little local ski area and hope that it doesn't get gobbled up by the Vail juggernaut.
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