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  1. I believe that there have been advances in equipment technology. However, I don't think each incremental improvement is as life changing as some believe. For example - this year's darling board isn't that much different than last year's.
  2. Equipment manufacturers are always trying to convince people with last years' equipment that their latest stuff is LIFE CHANGING! MUST HAVE! Sometimes it is. Often it's just hype. New graphics and a new name for the "special" stuff in their new equipment. This is done in almost every market - snowsports, bikes, cars, electronics, etc., etc.
  3. Tuner Mountain just got an article in the Denver Post last weekend as one of the best "family friendly" areas in the US.
  4. Is this the motorcycle version of extreme carving?
  5. Well - I can't ride anywhere near as well as any of the clips in this thread. But my idea of perfection looks a lot more like Sigi Grabner than any of the extreme carvers here.
  6. Great photos Bob. I don't know anything about surfing but your son looks great. I set up a pair of old Solomon bindings with your 3rd strap idea. I got some #10-32 "weld nuts" (T Nuts?). I drilled through the back of the binding chassis and through the bottom of the highback. I didn't know how many attachments to make so I made 2 per binding. I got a pair of heavy leather (cheap) belts from Amazon. I bolted them to the top of the highbacks and cut them down to fit around the tops of my boots. I wasn't able to move the belts to the top of the highbacks because my boots have a BOA reel near the top and I had to go underneath the reel. I put the buckles on the insides because it seemed like they would interfere with the least amount of stuff there. This is not my primary board / binding setup - more of a backup setup. I'll be interested to try it in the coming season. Any other tips on my implementation of your idea? - John
  7. This is likely true with many things in snowboarding. I think part of it is what is known as "cognitive dissonance". If one spends a lot of money and/or time on something they expect to be better, we tend to attribute a positive experience on some sort of "secret sauce" that the manufacturer put in. We can't accept that the subtle differences between board A and board B may not be worth the big price differential. I think we all do this in some parts of our lives. Some people are aware of this and others are sure there is a big difference.
  8. Bob - you live a charmed life.
  9. Impressive. I couldn't do that even if I wanted. However for my taste the riders who look the best are the ones who appear to have a magnetic repulsion between their hands and the snow. As their hands approach the snow, the repulsion gets much stronger until their hands just hover over the snow - only touching on occasion.
  10. JohnE

    Soft Boots

    I'm using Flow Talons. I really like them. They provide great heel hold down without being tight. Because of the way they fit my feet, it is a real struggle to get them on in the morning and even harder to get out at the end of the day. But they are warm, comfy and provide great support while I'm riding.
  11. I think it was nearly that last season. However, they used "demand pricing". Depending on the day of the week, recent snow conditions, holidays, the arrangement of tea leaves in the bottom of your cup, they might discount off that price by some amount (?) It was weird to walk up and not know how much it would cost you. People that bought some version of their "Epic" pass didn't need to worry. If you just want to go there for a day or two they really jamb it to you. They prefer the clientele who don't even think about what a lift ticket costs.
  12. I'm 5' 10" 160#. My buddy is about 6' 1" 250#. Sean tailored our boards to suit our weights. He does custom graphics well too. This seems like an all-purpose carving board. I never find myself guessing "did I pick the right board for these conditions?".
  13. I think clothing manufacturers must love EC - they can sell more jackets!
  14. Never rode an SG. My buddy & I got Fluxes. We both love them. Great softboot carver and rides great in powder. Sean will customize it to your liking (weight, length, width and SCR).
  15. I shipped several boards via UPS. Just removed the bindings & wrapped them in cardboard. As long as you protect the edges, it would be pretty hard to damage a snowboard.
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