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  1. I'm not in love with my Flow NX2 GT's either. I don't like how they flip down at the back and trip you when pushing along to the lift line. I broke the rear hiback because it was up and was crushed by the chair lift when I sat down. They are also impossible to get in and out of without undoing the top cap. They performed amazing while riding them, but the other issues are making me look for a new type.
  2. Love my Donek Flux for softboot carving. Need to get some better bindings for next year though. I'm watching the forum here for suggestions from others for bindings..
  3. Ill take it if you still have it, PM me your details. Thanks
  4. We'll take it.. We'll give you Quebec as part of the trade for free.
  5. Looking for the 4 hole center disc that goes with the rear 7 degree cant wedge. I believe this is a picture of it. It has the offset hole design to go with the wedge. Looking for 2 of them if anyone has them available. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone. The smaller board sounds like it will be a good choice for now, maybe talk to Coiler in a few years to get a custom board if she is still interested in riding.. or get myself a new one.
  7. If you think the 158 is stiff for an adult male at 158 lbs, I'm guessing it will be too stiff for a 125 lbs teen girl. Maybe the 153 is the better choice. She is a beginner and this would be her first board that wasn't borrowed from someone else and not built 10 yrs before she was born..
  8. So YYZ is steering me away from the 158cm F2 GTS and saying the 153cm might be a better fit. Just going by the stats on the board, the 153 is rated for 30-50 kg rider (66 - 110 lbs) where the 158 cm is rated for 40-60 kg rider (88 - 132 lbs). My daughter is 120-125 lbs right now, so she falls outside the rated weight for the 153 cm board. YYZ is saying the F2 boards are actually stiffer then they are rated for and the smaller board would be better. Does anyone have any experience with this board.. are they correct in saying the 153 board is a better fit? YYZ no longer has the 158 cm board available, but does have the 153 cm board in stock. I can still find the 158 board on ebay if needed...
  9. I'd be interested in the set of metal centre discs if you still have them. Thanks.
  10. Might be interested in this board if its still available.
  11. I've never posted a pic here before. I'll try and get one. I was just using the burton board to compare the hole sizing.. it was way smaller.. These bindings are one piece, no removable center disc.
  12. I bought a set of the F2 youth bindings off ebay that I found from a business that was selling off its old stock. So i bought a set, hoping my son might want to try alpine in a few years. Now that i have them, it looks like the bolt pattern for them is smaller then the normal bolt pattern to attach them to a board, it has a much smaller foot print. Can these bindings only go on a certain type (smaller?) board? I put them against the smallest Burton board I've got and they wont fit. Do I need to get a certain board (only an F2 youth size) to go with these bindings? Thanks
  13. Wolf, I think I now have a couple. If I'm in need of more I will let you know. Thanks
  14. rwmaron, I would definitely take the two 3 hole center pieces.. From the write up on the round wedge, doesn't sound like it is usable for plates? This would be used with a set of Burton race plates.
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