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  1. What year are they and Do you have any pics?
  2. Those are sick looking. How much are they? Any reviews on them?
  3. Board is still available
  4. Awesome! I will send you a PM
  5. Awesome thanks for the input. I read your review also on the review forum.
  6. I have a buddy that has one too and loves it. How stiff is the flux? Thanks for the info. That’s one of my concerns is the flex. What’s your weight?
  7. Looking to pick up one or the other this season. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  8. In great condition. Few nicks and stuffs on the top sheet and base and edges are in great condition. $125 plus $25 shipping in U.S.
  9. In good condition. Can include spare binding parts (last photo) if interested. $125 plus $15 shipping in U.S.
  10. Board is in good condition. Top sheet has some nicks and scuffs but the base and edges are in really good shape. $25 to ship in US.
  11. Still looking? I have one I may be interested in selling.
  12. Trencher

    Donek Incline 160

    Still for sale?
  13. I have this old Burton 158 that I think is an Ultra Prime??. Board is in good condition with a few dings here in there. Base is in good condition as well. Has step in binding as well. looking to get $150 plus shipping (whatever that would be?)
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