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  1. it actually looks alot like how i 180 over a jump just more extreme i focus on getting my head and shoulders round first then just let everything else come around underneath to match
  2. speaking of making them nicer to walk about in wouldnt having a flex point around the toe section of the boot similar to what telemark boots make them much nicer to walk about in?
  3. The season maybe over here but the fridge is still running . Rode for a bit yesterday afternoon with friends so it was pretty soft choppy and sandy but that didnt mean i couldnt have fun
  4. the company is fictional its from the Portal series of games
  5. The starting point of mines probably, going for a grim reaper/death style graphic. It'll probably be going on a very big scary soft boot donek incline/flux hybrid ive been pondering if i don't get it next season it will defintely happen the one after that.
  6. When the weathers nice ill be playing about on the meta 4X it might be old school 26 but its stupidly fun to ride. Other than that i'm starting to come up with the top sheet of my next board, should keep me busy for the next few months atleast.
  7. I guess there maybe creating a new channel i just found this when i searched kagayaking
  8. Im size 11US and ride an donek Incline 162 with a 29.5cm waist with angles +33/-3 to be honest the width isn't much to worry about just expect to be a bit more aggressive with your edge change if you still wanting it to be snappy
  9. looks like a quality event kind of tempted to go next year and maybe the token softbooter/scotsman
  10. I think force applied/technique while riding will do it also i have binding suck on my SG Soul and i ride softs but i can still apply enough force to bend the base plates and break discs so to be honest im generally not suprised i get suck. I just take it as something that will happen eventually
  11. Wouldnt having strips of something like titanal that the inserts go through before they enter the core significantly spread the load and reduce the compression of the core around the inserts.
  12. It works but from my limited experience id say its an acquired taste. I ride in Head advantage 95's they have very little ankle flex, any flex is the shell deforming but this how i actually like even my softboots. I tend to move everything from the knee down as one solid unit rather flexing my ankles as nerve damage from when i was kid means big moments and muscles are easier to control than small ones
  13. A good test of the snow in domes is to try and make a snow ball.... that will instantly tell you how much moisture is the snow and how granular it is, if you can make a solid snow ball ill be pretty impressed lol
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