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  1. heavy heel edge off set so there isn't toe edge boot out either by the looks of it. I'm guessing the gap of light under the board is due to it not decambering enough for it to contact
  2. my santa cruz hard boot bindings are probably old enough to buy a beer . I dont think im either good enough or ride hardboots often enough to have newer bindings improve my performance to be honest
  3. I've seen rama ride that a few times recently i think he just switches up what he rides depending on the conditions more than anything. pretty cool seeing him ride outside of japan and korea i wonder if anyone realised who he was and recognised him. And yeah id love to try a BC stream, Gray or Ogasaka
  4. Ryans solution is pretty similar
  5. Is there price for the phk bindings I've yet to see them listed for sale anywhere?
  6. additional tongue insert that sits over the top of the boots normal tongue, custom power strap and you cant see them but there are also two addiontal plastic strips on the inside spine of the boot, I like boots with near zero flex
  7. If your brave and up for some frankenstien modifications you can beef up soft boots to last significantly longer, I'm a year and half(20 hours a week) in on my franken vans and im starting to look at changing them now due to wear through the rubber on the toe of the boot
  8. Maybe its just me but when i have done laid out EC carves ive never felt the edge pressure much less than than if i were to stay compressed and stacked close to the edge, just pressure in a different way. EC carves feels like the pressure is straight down more in line with the g force ie from my head down through the soles of my feet where if im more compressed and not touching its more like the pressure is straight down through my toes or my heels on to the edge with the g force almost at 90 degress to that(not the best explanation). The most noticeable difference ive felt is that you are more of a passenger to the turn you are going to do what the sidecut wants and because your at full extenstion you dont quite have the same ability to manipulate it. For example here is me staying compressed and aiming to bend and turn the board(9-11vsr with stiff core) as hard as possible without touching down. Hoping this winter ill get similar videos of nice big arcing laid out euro's
  9. 6foot and 200lbs, ive essentially replaced it with a custom donek incline that has one of the stiffest cores they make
  10. Wish they made the titanal in the 159xt 164xt sizes
  11. Not good not bad merely different so I'm not selecting either option. I'm a softy and anyone who can lay down any variation of heel edge euro carve and hold it riding softs is super super rare and definetly has my respect
  12. If North Face jackets are like there pants the fit would be pretty skinny and pricey
  13. I've ridden the soul 159xt it's a really nice soft boot carving board but I found it overly soft in nose leading the board to want to turn tighter than I would like. It is a great board if your looking for your first dedicated soft boot carver. I addition due to width and rocker in nose it was a very good laid back powder cruiser
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